Photo Credit: Matthew Goldberg

Artist’s Corner: X6 Figure Artist Studio’s Insane Wrestling Action Figure Clothing (Photos)

Welcome to another installment of Artist’s Corner where we take a look at the super talented X6 Figure Artist Studio! If you’re unfamiliar with her work you are missing out on one of the most talented artists in the wrestling figure community!

X6 Figure Artist Studio

X6 is known in the wrestling figure community for her amazing tailor craftsmanship for wrestling figure clothing. She can literally craft anything you can imagine, from jackets to hats to HBK’s crazy entrance gear to name a few. She’s worked on clothing like Edge’s jacket to Asuka’s entrance robe to t-shirts for the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast and much more. Pretty much anything you can think of she can do, which is nothing short of impressive.

She is based out of Taiwan and honestly deserves a much larger following than what she currently has. The outfits you see on the wrestlers on television can literally be recreated in figure form for all of your wrestling action figures. Just look at the detail at a 7-inch scale in these images. It’s fascinating she can craft clothing to this degree at a miniature scale.

I reached out to her to learn more about how she started this awesome journey and what challenges she faces.

I originally wanted to help my figures have clothes and it later became an interest. I have a lot of figures I have collected, so I will make different clothes for my figures. At present, I think the most challenging thing is Shawn Michael’s clothes. His clothes are more gorgeous and changeable, so his clothes need to spend a lot of time and energy to test. No matter what kind of clothes I am happy to be able to accept and make, because it is a challenge to draw the version of the clothes and complete the production, so the moment when the production is completed, I will feel particularly fulfilled. In the future, I will continue to improve my skills and techniques for making clothes.

Her talent is out of this world when you see the amount of time and detail that goes into the fabric alone for a little 7-inch action figure. As she mentioned, it is very fulfilling to her to recreate it and because of this we had her create an entrance coat for a custom D’Angelo Dinero, which you can see in the gallery below.

The Coat

With the coat I received from her I was honestly blown away. The fabric is super nice quality. She even added all the little jewels on his coat, from his chest to the sleeves to even around the base of it. Not to mention his name logo tailored on the back of it. While this coat is much simpler compared to other items she has made, she completed this figure, that was made for me by the very talented BEW_Animations on Instagram, with this amazing accessory. I’m so glad to have a piece of her work in my collection and plan to give her more business in the future!

There are a lot of figure clothing tailors out there, and they are very talented, but X6 goes above and beyond in my opinion. These are not cheap items either, but the true craftsmanship she puts into all of these justifies the price tag that comes with them. If you just look at the intricate details, from zippers to metallic loops and chains to what have you, it’s just mind blowing at this scale.

If you should want her to design something for your figures be sure to message her over on Instagram. You won’t be disappointed based on all of the outfits you see in this article alone. Be sure to follow her on Instagram at X6_Figure_Artist_Studio so you can keep up with all of her amazing work!

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