Nick Aldis
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Collector’s Corner: Chella Toys Nick Aldis Wrestling Megastars Retro-Style Action Figure In-Depth Review (Photos)

On the latest installment of Collector’s Corner we take a look at the very first Chella Toys Wrestling Megastars action figure of Nick Aldis!

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Chella Toys is a newer toy company that is making their own line of Retro-style wrestling action figures, such as Nick Aldis, the Blue Meanie, Ethan Page and others still yet to be fully revealed. While you may no longer order this figure, we were fortunate enough for Body Slam Clothing Club to provide us with one to review for you!

The Packaging

The packaging is very similar to that of the old WWE Hasbro and later Mattel WWE Retro action figures. So much so that there’s similar illustrations, card design/shape and overall feel to it. The front of the card has Nick in a nice bubble as well as illustrations of him as a figure, what he “features” as well as a large image of Nick. At the very bottom it also lists that they are limited to 2000 pieces. The back of the card has the typical black and white look with illustrations of what’s coming as well as some teasers, Nick’s action sequence and other nostalgic themed illustrations to commemorate the old figures.

Chella Toys is based in the UK, but those living in the USA could obtain these figures via and may be able to obtain the future releases that way as well. BSCC also sells a lot of wrestling shirts, face masks and wrestling figures, too, if you didn’t know. Nick Aldis was also selling signed ones via himself not long ago, but at the time of this review I am unsure if he still is.

The Figure

Once you remove Nick from the packaging you can see how much he resembles the classic-style wrestling figure. The likeness is very cartoony/animated, but his attire is quite detailed. He is sporting his black/white elbow pads, white wrist tape, his red tights with his logos on the front and back, as well as his black/white knee pads and red/white/black laced boots. His head swivels and his arms swivel up and down. Nick’s arm pose regularly in that there is no action sequence as stated on the back of the box. It’s unclear if this was just for “fun” or if the sequence was decided not to be included later on.

Overall, it’s still a cool collectible. It’s great you can put Nick with your other Hasbro/Retro figures as he scales quite well with him. His figure does feel a lot heavier though I must say compared to the others, but as I said he still fits in well. The detail is pretty cool, too. I’d have liked a little more of a realistic likeness on him like the other figures but it’s no a deal breaker by all means.

Check out the others below that are coming soon with details on how to order as well.

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