Christian Returns To RAW Tonight, Invites Edge Onto The Peep Show

Team E&C is back again on WWE TV. Christian will host another installment of The Peep Show, inviting his long time partner to talk about his upcoming main event matchup with Randy Orton at Backlash.

Some fans may have wondered what took Captain Charisma so long to return to TV considering his strong ties to the Rated R Superstar. However, he told WrestleZone last month that he wanted his return to make sense story-wise.

Obviously, Edge is dipping his toes back in here, but they are also very different injuries. His was structural and mine was concussion [related]. I’m not sure how you would ever get cleared if you’ve been medically disqualified from something like that.

WWE is certainly pushing Edge vs. Orton as a titanic matchup, so this story must have made sense. While we likely won’t’ see Christian take any bumps because of his issues, his history with both men is documented enough that there is gold to mine should WWE want to put in the effort. We’ll find out whether they do so or not tonight on RAW.

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