Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

WWE Renews Cody Rhodes Trademark, Abandons ‘The Man’

Despite previous reports, it seems that Cody does not yet own the “Cody Rhodes” trademark. His claim to the moniker, which occurred on April 13 right as it was set to expire, was refused because WWE renwed it on May 15. WWE claims that the COVID-19 pandemic was the cause of their late renewal, which is seemingly enough to prolong the process. Cody has gone without a last name since leaving WWE, although he’s often announced along with wife Brandi as “Cody and Brandi Rhodes” to get around the legality of the situation.

WWE has also failed to renew its attempted trademark on “The Man”, which was expected. WWE and Ric Flair, the mark’s current owner, made a deal earlier this year after initially warring over Becky Lynch’s nickname. While the terms of that deal weren’t made public, it seems that Flair will get to keep the mark at the current time. With The Man becoming The Mom recently, perhaps WWE just wants to push that smaller problem off to another day. Considering the state of the world, we don’t blame them.


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