(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Collector’s Corner: San Diego Comic Con 2020 Exclusive Mattel WWE Elite Mr. T In-Depth Review (Photos)

Welcome to another installment of Collector’s Corner! Today we will take an early in-depth look at the San Diego Comic Con 2020 Exclusive Mattel WWE Elite Mr. T action figure! A huge thanks to Mattel for giving me the chance to review this early for all of you!

(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Where to Buy

Mr. T recently went up for pre-order on EntertainmentEarth.com where he sold out super fast. Many collectors were able to get one, while others sadly missed the window due to high traffic or being busy in general. If you happened to miss out do not worry as he will be available again for $30 on the new Mattel Creations website, MattelCreations.com, on July 22, 2020. No word on what time yet but feel free to follow Wrestling Figure News Source for future details.

The Packaging

This Mr. T figure has some epic packaging from Mattel and may be their most elaborate yet for a WWE action figure. The entire figure comes in multiple layers of packaging, the red box with the Mr. T chains and WWE Elite logos being the outer box. Once you open that inside resides a book-like style packaging, perhaps even like a cigar box style box.

The cover features an illustration of Mr. T followed by a retro “First Time in the Line” logo. The side features a Mr. T name logo and the back features another beautiful illustration of Mr. T on a nice, red background followed by a brief overview of his impact in the WWE.

Once you open the flap you can see a collage of moments of his WWE career as well as a thin, foggy sleeve encasing the figure behind it. The sleeve has the same Mr. T logo as seen on the cigar-like box. You can easily remove this sleeve to reveal the figure in all its glory behind it. You can remove the clam shell from the box if you’d like. Mr. T is fastened by clear rubber bands on his arms and feet to secure him in the clam shell, too.

The Figure

After you’ve drooled over the packaging and have him out of all of his packaging you can see this beautifully done figure. He’s sporting a cloth camouflage jacket as well as all of his jewelry he’s known to wear. He’s also mean mugging in typical Mr. T fashion with his iconic Mohawk style haircut. You can remove all of his jewelry, his bracelet only being removable if you pop off his left hand. His hands he comes with on the figure have jewelry on his fingers, which looks nice. I’m glad they made special hands to represent his character so well. He comes with non-jewelry hands, too, to pose him with in his wrestling attire.

Next you remove his cloth jacket to reveal Mr. T in his wrestling attire. Collectors were upset Mattel gave me a blue attire than his iconic red attire, but honestly it still looks nice in my opinion. He has a ripped torso, but not overly ripped, which is more realistic to his build at the time. He has his white wrist tape and open hands that can hold accessories if desired. Lastly, he is sporting his blue tights with the white stripes down the sides, his blue/white knee pads and gold boots with red/blue laces.


Overall, I really like this figure honestly. I, too, wish he was in red, but I imagine we will be getting him in red down the line being they have the rights to him now. That’s if they get around to producing more of him in time of his contract. His boots could probably be shorter based on images, WrestleMania 1 was before my time, but it’s not terrible. The figure still looks really cool and the packaging is beautiful honestly. I’m not a huge fan of the fogged sleeve cover but other than that I really like it a lot. The cloth goods are nice, the jewelry is greatly detailed and the figure overall just looks badass, pardon my language. Even if you’re not a wrestling fan I’m sure you will love this figure being Mr. T is such a pop culture icon.

Like I said before if you missed out on the initial release of him do not worry as MattelCreations.com will have him on July 22nd, so mark your calendars. Once timing surfaces, if at all, you will most likely hear about it on Wrestling Figure News Source and other news sources for figures.

Look for some fun Mr. T moments recreated on my Instagram very soon, too! Thanks for tuning in and good luck scoring him if you haven’t yet!