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Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Legends Series 7 In-Depth Review (Photos)

Weclome to the latest installment of Collector’s Corner where we take a look at the new Mattel WWE Legends Series 7 set featuring:

  • Bobby Heenan
  • Razor Ramon
  • Greg Valentine (with Chase variant)

These are exclusive to Target stores. They just started showing up so be sure to check yours or their website.

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The Packaging

The packaging for this set is really nicely done. It is an homage to the original Mattel WWE Legends line from many years ago with the artistic artwork of the featured wrestlers with the tan/yellow color scheme. The modern release of this set features the most recent style packaging shape. You can see each superstar featured in the window box as well as their name/image on the sides and their image/info on the back followed by those in the set.

Bobby Heenan

Bobby’s Elite in this set features his weasel suit moment you may remember from way back when. It’s a fully cloth body suit as well with a tail on the back. It does not have the claws like the old Jakks Classic Superstars one did but still looks pretty good. It velcros down the front so you can remove him from it. It is a bit difficult to remove him from it in my opinion so be patient so you don’t ruin it.

Once you remove Bobby from the weasel suit you can see he has the singlet attire on. This is the same exact body as Jerry Lawler, which unfortunately you can tell by the leg molds Mattel chose to use. Heenan sadly has the “tights” legs in that his legs have wrinkles instead of being “skin” legs. Mattel was lazy here and just made the tights leg molds skin tone than giving him proper legs, which is a big gripe people have with this figure. Other than that the figure is okay, it’s a bit boring but so was his look. His head features the newer True FX technology, giving nicer detail to it. The paint apps on the figure are a bit poor, at least on the two I picked up, which is a bit disappointing. Just be aware yours may have issues too under the suit. He also comes with swappable pointing hands.

Overall, this figure is okay. I prefer it with the suit on as it at least makes him look unique compared to other figures. Sadly the paint apps haven’t been great so I may attempt finding another one eventually. If you like Heenan and want him in this moment then I’d recommend picking it up. He is also two per case, which should make him a bit easier to come by.

Razor Ramon

Razor is another not so exciting figure in this set as it’s a straight repaint of his Defining Moments figure that came out awhile back. If you missed that one then this is a decent one to pick up. The detail on him is pretty nice. I like the detail in his vest and logos. That really makes it pop, it’s just disappointing this figure didn’t have a newer head scan or anything. He has his removable chains and his vest does come off. His trunks and even elbow pad have his Razor Ramon logos, not to mention his knee pads too. He also comes with swappable open hands to recreate his entrance.

Overall, not a bad figure, just not exciting. The paint apps on his beard are a little thick in my opinion but the overall detail on the figure itself is quite nice. If you missed out on his previous one this is a good one to substitute. I may even like this one more as it’s more vibrant, I just would’ve liked to have seen a newer head or something to make it fully unique to his previous one. If you like Razor pick it up as he, too, should be easier being he is also two per case.

Greg Valentine

Valentine is by far the most sought after in this set as he is brand new to the figure line. This is his very first Elite and Mattel figure at that. Oddly enough he doesn’t have “First Time in the Line” on his box, which id disappointing. He has a standard version in black trunks and a chase version in yellow trunks, which both look nice.

Valentine comes with his iconic black robe with his name and other awesome details on it. Mattel really did a nice job on the cloth goods for him. I really like the strap of the robe is sewn on the back so you don’t misplace it like some of their other figures. He even comes with his shinguard, which is nicely detailed and easily attaches to his boot.

Once you remove the robe you can see his glorious head scan that looks just like him, little emotion and all. His mullet-style hairdo is great and he looks pretty unhappy, which nails his likeness. Both versions are practically identical minus the trunks color. The black trunks version has his name on the front and back in yellow while the yellow version has the text in red. Besides that he has his black and yellow boots with his Hammer logo on the sides.

Overall, I really like both of these figures of him. I wish his thighs were a bit thicker as they look a little thin on the figures here but other than that they truly captured him. His robe is really nicely done and the little details on him really make him stand out. The only bad thing for collectors is that his figure is only one per case, making him harder to come by and the chase version even harder. If you want a chance at getting him be sure to do your best to get first crack at a fresh case.


Overall, this is a pretty good set. It’s not the most exciting set to kickoff the return of the series but I’m still happy to see it back and get a new person like Valentine in the line. Sting was originally supposed to be the fourth man in the set but was pulled last minute due to his contract expiring sadly. If you want these start checking your Target stores. You may be lucky to still find them or wait on a second shipment. Good luck!