Bray Wyatt
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Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Series 111 In-Depth Review (Photos)

Welcome to another installment of Collector’s Corner! Today we’ll take a look at Mattel WWE Series 111 featuring:

  • Bray Wyatt
  • Nikki Cross (with Chase variant)
  • Erick Rowan
  • Kevin Owens
  • Jeff Hardy

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The Packaging

This set features the typical red and white 2020 basic style packaging with their names on the side with an image of the wrestler as well followed by everyone in the set listed on the back.

Bray Wyatt

We’ll kick off this review with my favorite in the set as well as my current favorite in WWE, Bray Wyatt. Finally Mattel gave us a Funhouse Bray in his Target attire, his red sweater and khaki pants. He features an all-new head sculpt with his creepy grin on his face and his hair in a bun. You can see the highlights in his hair, too, which is nice. Not to mention his super detailed tattoos on the back of his head. Bray is sporting a new torso mold, his sweater with the collar, which has wrinkles and the like to look skin-tight. He even has new shirt arms as well to go alongside this new tooling. Lastly he has what I believe are new pants leg molds and new shoe molds, too.

Overall, this figure is really well done for a Basic style figure. The detail on it is pretty much as good as it’s going to get. He maybe could have a belt on his pants, but I don’t recall if he actually wears one or not. Regardless, collectors are super happy with this figure. The new tooling really makes it special and it’s too bad they didn’t do this for his Ringside Exclusive you can pre-order currently. Definitely pick this figure up if you’re a fan of his as it’s by far one of his best to date.

Nikki Cross

Nikki also finally has a new figure, plus a Chase version that we unfortunately didn’t have in time for this review. Nikki sadly is sporting her same head sculpt from her Elite 66 figure, which doesn’t have the best likeness, but hopefully her future figures will have an updated scan as she’s long overdue for one. Besides the disappointing head her attire looks nice as it’s her more current look with her black top with the blue, pink and silver designs. She’s also sporting her black pants/leggings with the hole in it and her black shoes. Her Chase figure comes in a black top with blue/silver designs and she’s wearing jeggings or tight jeans with holes in it. To me the Chase is a much nicer figure honestly as the colors contrast more.

Overall, the figure is not bad. If the scan was better it would be a much better figure but if you can look past that it’s not that bad at all. If you want a more modern version of Nikki I’d suggest picking this up as I’m not sure when we will see another figure of her honestly.

Erick Rowan

This is Erick’s final figure in the WWE line unless he comes back at some point. I was a huge fan of the Wyatt Family so any figures of these guys gets me excited. Knowing Erick’s look changed a lot I was excited for it but was a bit disappointed seeing this one. Unfortunately Erick wears a lot of band shirts so obviously Mattel wouldn’t have the rights to that. They did, however, give him a rubber shirt, which is better than one tucked into his pants. He’s sporting all of his new tattoos, which are super detailed as well, and he’s wearing brown pants with his black shoes underneath.

Overall, I guess I expected more from this being his look changed so much. I feel his pants should’ve been a very dark brown or even black. I wish he had his wrist tape and vest, too, but that’s pushing it for a Basic figure. It’s too bad an Elite wasn’t released with his cage either as that would’ve been cool. Overall, not the most exciting figure of Rowan but at least it’s an update.

Kevin Owens

KO’s figure also received the update treatment in this set. He has a brand-new head scan with his longer beard. The detail in his face and hair is great as he looks menacing. He was also due for an update honestly.  He has majority of his new tattoos as well, minus the ones on his hands that I noticed. He’s wearing his black hand tape and his Kevin Owens shirt and Fight shorts with his laced boots.

Overall, this is a nice, needed update for KO. The scan looks great on him and the updated tattoos really make this figure pop compared to a lot of his other ones. Sadly he’s missing some but for a Basic it is what it is. His upcoming Elite 79 figure has this same scan, too, which is great. I just wish they’d make him with white hand tape already as he needs one like that. If you’re a fan of the guy this is a nice updated version to add to the collection honestly.

Jeff Hardy

Lastly we have Jeff Hardy sporting some new face paint really. The face paint on this figure is what really makes it pop as the rest of the figure is pretty much a re-release of his previous Basic figure in blue attire. Regardless, it still looks decent. He has his black top over his blue long sleeved shirt. You can see the tattoos on his right hand as well. Not to mention his studded white belt and black pants.

Overall, not the most exciting Jeff figure as you can see I didn’t have a lot to even say about it, but the face paint is really well done and makes it a cool update. I wish they’d have at least given him a colored shirt we haven’t had him in yet than practically just a new head. This must have just been an easy budget decision. If you are a fan of Jeff I’d say add this one to the collection as the face paint is really cool in my opinion.


Overall, not a bad set in the long run. The Bray of course is the highlight of the set being it’s all new tooling for him and finally in his Funhouse look. It’s a great figure of him that will sell well I’m sure. The others in the set are pretty good, mainly KO and Nikki, while Jeff and Rowan are the sleepers I’d say. Still some decent figures though and a better set than some of the previous waves. If you want these grab them over on Ringside, Bray especially, as he may be tough to find at retail when they eventually surface.

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