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Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Battle Packs 67 In-Depth Review (Photos)

On this installment of Collector’s Corner we take a look at none other than Mattel WWE Battle Packs 67! This set features:

  • AJ Styles & Steve Austin
  • John Morrison & The Miz
  • Kofi Kingston & Randy Orton

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Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

The Packaging

This set features the latest style packaging for 2020, the red and white color scheme with the names and photos of the featured wrestlers on the front. You can see images of the others in the set on the back as well as info about the wrestlers featured in that specific 2-pack, such as what moment it’s based on.

AJ Styles & Steve Austin

This is probably the most interesting 2-pack of the set, which did raise a few eyebrows and it is based on their contract signing.

The Austin is the strangest figure in the set as his outfit is a bit odd. He has his Series 100 head scan, which looks excellent. He has his black t-shirt on and the logos on the front and “Oh Hell Yeah” on the back. To me seeing “Hell” on a Mattel figure was surprising as they’re usually pretty PG with the figures unless things have lightened up a bit? I just found that odd in my opinion. Moving on to his pants is where the confusion resides as he has blue jeans on when he in fact wore black jeans during this moment. But that’s not the strangest part of this honestly, the biggest “what the hell?” moment is that they gave him white kick pad shoes. Austin has never worn kick pads and I have no clue why they didn’t just give him white Cena shoes or something similar. This is the strangest part choice I’ve seen from Mattel in some time honestly.

AJ on the other hand looks decent. He is in his red/black attire. He features his latest cheesy grin head scan, which looks just like him I might add. He has a black elbow pad with no logo on it as well as his red armband, also no logo on it, on his left forearm. He’s sporting his chest tattoo, red gloves and his red tights with his logos all over them followed by knee pads and kick pads with logos on them.

They also come with their contract from their contract signing, which folds closed, too. This is probably the coolest accessory of the set as it’s unique to them as it actually has their names and what not written on it.

Miz & Morrison

Next we have Miz and Morrison, probably my favorite 2-pack of the set.

Miz has his latest smiling scan, which looks fantastic. He features his black wrist tape and black trunks with his Miz logos on them followed by his black knee pads and kick pads. While this isn’t the most exciting Miz figure as it looks like majority of his others, it still captures him and his cheesy personality quite well. The scan really makes it in my opinion.

Morrison on the other hand was shocking to me as I didn’t expect any figure of him so soon. Although he does have some new figures coming very soon based on what we saw during SDCC this year. Anyway, this figure looks to be a repurposed John Morrison figure from way back with some updated True FX scan technology. Many collectors were disgruntled with his face as his beard looks a little odd but I don’t think it looks too bad. He comes with elbow pads, his wrist tape and of course his bedazzled pants, which look great. I am a big fan of his, he’s a cool guy, and was excited to get something new of him.

They both come with the SmackDown Tag Titles, which are dull than the shiny plastic Mattel uses on the Elite versions. The details on the plates are great and you can size it accordingly as well depending on whichever figures you’d like to award them to.

Kofi Kingston & Randy Orton

Lastly we have Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton, I am guessing this may be the sleeper 2-pack of the set but I could be wrong. They come with the WWE Championship Title, which is a dull version, and it looks great.

Kofi is sporting his ponytail hairdo with the blonde streak in it. You can see he’s all smiles with the big grin on his face surrounded by his facial hair. He has his tattoos on his back and shoulders, which are quite detailed, followed by his white arm bands. Then we move on to his orange, black and gray attire, which is quite colorful but sadly is missing a lot of the details. Kofi seems to be the runt when it comes to attire designs as they seem to neglect him, more than likely due to budget or copyright issues. Regardless, at least this is an outfit color scheme we’ve yet to really see him in so that is a nice bonus.

Orton on the other hand looks the same as a lot of his other figures. This one seems to feature a little bit of an older head scan I believe, which doesn’t look too bad. He looks angry as usual, he is a Legend Killer after all. He has all of his detailed tattoos on his arms as well as his upper back area followed by his black hand/wrist tape. Moving on to his black trunks he has the typical Orton designs in red followed by ‘RKO’ logos on his knee pads. Lastly, he has his black, laced boots on, too.


Overall, this isn’t a bad set. It’s not the most exciting set but I think the Morrison 2-pack will sell best. Perhaps Austin and AJ will, too, but that Austin has me asking a lot of questions to say the least. His outfit is just goofy and I’m still shocked it says “Hell” on the back as that seems very uncommon on toys these days. The kick pad shoes though is still the weirdest thing I’ve seen, especially on an Austin of all figures. The contact is a really neat accessory though I must say. Besides Austin the set really isn’t bad. I wish Kofi had designs on his tights but what can you do? If you need the belt or simply want some newer attires for these guys then pick these up. Get the latest Morrison until his Elite rolls out sooner than later, too, as it’s a decent placeholder. Anyway, I’ll see ya on the next review! Thanks for tuning in!

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