Adam Cole
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Series 112 In-Depth Review (Photos)

On this latest Collector’s Corner we take a look at none other than Mattel WWE Series 112 featuring:

  • Braun Strowman
  • Bobby Lashley (with Chase variant)
  • Seth Rollins
  • Sasha Banks
  • Adam Cole

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Packaging

This set features the typical red and white 2020 basic style packaging with their names on the side with an image of the wrestler as well as followed by everyone in the set listed on the back.

Braun Strowman

This is Braun’s first topless Basic-style figure and it’s pretty awesome. Mattel gave him a huge torso, which makes him look like a true beast. It’s very similar to his Elite 76 figure, but in Basic form. He features a smirking head scan, all his tattoos, black wrist tape, camo pants and his military-style boots.

Overall, I like this figure as it’s unique compared to his others. It’s nice to see him look so monstrous as well and the fact Mattel invested in some new tooling for him. I also think his arms and hands look much more proportionate on this figure than his Elites honestly. I feel they really need to revisit his Elite mold as it’s very tall and just oddly proportionate. Definitely pick this one up if you collect Basics.

Bobby Lashley

Lashley’s figure features his long, black tights and a removable headband. He still has his “face” head scan as he is smiling. Sadly we need one with a mean look on his face. He also features an elbow pad, his wrist tape, his black tights with the logos and his black/white boots.

Lashley’s Chase figure on the other hand comes in black shorts with red wrist tape and red elbow pads. He also features red accents on his shorts and red socks above his boots. You can see it in the gallery below as I unfortunately didn’t have it in my possession in time for this review.

Overall, it’s nice to have an updated Lashley finally. Of course I rather have this as an Elite than Basic but hopefully that will be in the works. The headband accessory is a nice touch, but I do wish he had a mean head scan as he is long overdue for one of those. If you want a potential Hurt Business Lashley figure I’d recommend this one.

Seth Rollins

Seth features one of his Messiah attires finally. He comes with his latest head scan with the hair down, his black glove, his back tatoo and chest hair as well as wrist band and his black/silver tights and kick pads.

Overall, it’s a decent Rollins. It’s nice to have a Messiah version, but this as well I wish was an Elite than a Basic. I also wish he had a head with his hair in a bun but perhaps his future Elites will feature such. If you want a more current Rollins pick this one up.

Sasha Banks

Sasha was long overdue for an update and we now have a version with blue hair. She has a big grin on her face, too. She’s in her promo attire, which is a nice change of pace as she’s sporting a detailed shirt as well as her tights and tall, white, laced boots.

Overall, the detail on Sasha is nice. It’s great to get her with her blue hair and in an outfit that is very detailed for a Basic-style figure. At least this figure of her stands out to her others. Unfortunately it is Basic articulation but it’s a great stand in. There is a future Elite coming with blue hair, too.

Adam Cole

Lastly, we have Adam Cole, which unfortunately is the oddest figure of the set. While the detail and head of Adam is great, the head sits so low on the neck that it makes his neck look absent. That’s the biggest downfall of this figure. Besides that he does come with a rubber Undisputed Era armband, which is a great accessory to have for the latest UE Elites that have been releasing with painted armbands. You can also see the detail on his trunks, as well as his knee pads and boots.

Overall, if the head didn’t sit so low on this figure it would be excellent. The head on this is his better scan in my opinion, which will make for a great head swap and the armband accessory will also make this figure very sought after. Hopefully he will get more Basic figures with heads that sit better as I’m surprised this figure passed production looking the way it does. Besides that the detail is nice. If you want a serious Cole scan and some UE armbands I definitely recommend picking these up.


Overall, this is a pretty good Basic set. There’s no new faces in this set but at least we got some nice updated looks and figures in general. Cole would technically be the new face in the Basic line but sadly his figure turned out goofy. I definitely recommend picking up some of these though if you do collect them as they’re decent.

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