Blue Meanie
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Blue Meanie On Being ‘Eye F*cked’ By WWE Roster After Taking First Class

Blue Meanie learned that he was “coachable” in WWE after not initially taking coach.

The latest episode of Meanie Toons is up and Da Blue Guy talked about how he almost blew it with his WWE colleagues the one time he lucked out by getting a first class seat on a last-minute flight from Baltimore to Hartford, Connecticut. Meanie, being new to the game of WWE airline travel, decided to embrace his good fortune by settling in with all the amenities. However, he ended up feeling a thousand times worse after seeing the reaction he got from the rest of the roster saddled in the back of the plane. This episode includes appearances by Mick Foley, Ricky Steamboat, Gerald Brisco, Al Snow, Bob Holly, Big Bossman and Shawn Michaels. You can check out the full second episode of Meanie Toons below:

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