Ring Of Honor Pulling Talent Following Positive COVID-19 Tests At The Collective

Following several positive COVID-19 tests stemming from the recent Collective indie events, Ring of Honor has pulled a number of talents from its upcoming TV tapings in the name of safety. It has been said that the tapings that were planned had to be rewritten due to the number of talents now unable to perform.

In a statement provided to POST Wrestling and other media outlets, ROH COO Joe Koff stated that the company “doesn’t publicly discuss specific internal decisions.” However, the company is “taking every measure to preserve the integrity of its rigorous health and safety protocol for the upcoming tapings.”

Three talents (Dan the Dad, AC Mack, and Cabana Man Dan) have come forward with positive COVID tests at this time. The contact with a large swatch of indie wrestlers could have repercussions across the industry, as talent from IMPACT and AEW performed during the weekend alongside those from ROH and elsewhere.

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