andre the giant
Photo by Jeffrey Asher/ Getty Images

Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE WrestleMania 37 Celebration – Andre the Giant & Macho Man In-Depth Review (Photos)

Welcome back to another installment of Collector’s Corner! Today we’ll take a look at the brand-new Mattel WWE WrestleMania 37 Celebration Andre the Giant & Macho Man action figures!

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Photo by Jeffrey Asher/ Getty Images

The Packaging

These new Basic-style WWE figures commemorate WrestleMania moments in really nice rectangular packaging. The set features both Macho Man and Andre the Giant as well as comes with a WrestleMania ring cart. The box has a huge window so you can see said wrestler in their cart. On the front is the classic WrestleMania logo followed by their names while the sides have images of the wrestler and the back a large image of the figure.

Andre the Giant

Andre features a brand-new head scan that looks pretty nice. It’s a nice update to his figures as many people wanted a newer scan for him. He has the big, cheesy grin on his face and his curly hair flowing as well. Andre is a massive sized figure, as he should be, with his singlet painted on as well as his tall, black boots.

Overall, Andre is nice if you don’t have any previous Basic figures of him. He does feature the older style articulation as well, which is great. I wish they had given him his larger hands like his Elites have but it still looks pretty good overall. The new scan especially should attract people to picking this one up.

Macho Man

Macho I believe is pretty much a re-release of one of his older Basic figures. He comes with his shades that fit snug into his hair. They do come off as you can see in the gallery below. He has his wrist and hand/finger tape as well as his hot pink trunks that have the stars on the front and say Macho Man on the back. He also has his leg tape or socks, whichever it technically was then, covered by his yellow knee pads and lastly his tall yellow boots with the white laces/trim and star designs on the sides.

Overall, Macho is a nice Basic figure if you missed out on his older one. This one may be slightly different than the one that released forever ago. Regardless, it is a nice Basic figure of him with the older articulation, which makes it that much better. The sunglasses are a great accessory to have as well as you can’t have Macho without those!

WrestleMania Cart

The WrestleMania cart is the same for each figure. This is a brand-new accessory from Mattel, which ultimately will make these sought after for these alone. The multiple turnbuckle posts going around hold rubber-like ring ropes that you can adjust accordingly. It also has the classic WWE logos on the turnbuckles as well as perforated floor with pegs to secure the figures to the cart if desired. The best part though is that it does have wheels underneath so you can roll it to the ring if you desire.


Overall, these are really nicely done. The figures themselves aren’t super exciting but it’s nice to see the older Basic articulation return for these. The Andre scan is a huge plus to anyone who wants one that looks more like him. The packaging is great presentation especially for those who collect mint in box and rather display them like so. Be careful opening them as they’re very secured in their boxes, so just be patient. And of course who could forget the ring carts, which truly are awesome and a great job by Mattel. I highly recommend picking these up for the carts alone as those have never existed in toy form until now. Be sure to get them on Ringside as I’m not sure which retailers will be carrying these if you rather wait.

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