Photo Credit: Lee South / AEW

Allie Explains Why She Left QT Marshall & The Nightmare Family: ‘I Just Got Bored’

Allie’s sudden return to the side of The Butcher & The Blade was surprising and didn’t make much sense. However, she explained her actions on the latest episode of AEW Dark.

“Why do you think it was so easy for me to infiltrate the Nightmare Family?” Allie asked Eddie Kingston. “All I had to do was look in QT’s direction and he was falling all over himself to get with me. It was like a cat playing with a mouse. I wasn’t even nice to the guy and he was buying me so much stuff. He bought a Corvette, he gave me all of his credit cards. That was fun and it was great while it lasted, but to be honest with you? I just got bored. I’m sorry QT, but you were just collateral damage and now I’m back with my real family.”

Check out a full match list and watch the latest episode of AEW Dark below.

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