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Young Bucks Discuss AEW Tag Division, Wanting AEW Ice Cream Bars

AEW superstars Nick & Matt Jackson, known as The Young Bucks, recently sat down with Hollywood Live to discuss a variety of topics ranging from AEW’s hot tag division to them wanting AEW to introduce their own line of ice cream sandwiches. Take a look at the highlights of the conversation below.

On why AEW exceeds in tag team wrestling:

We have now displayed, for a year now on TV, what tag team wrestling could look like. I think tag team wrestling is one of the main things that AEW has, and that is in a large part of the amazing talented wrestlers that we have. I am just really happy. I am sure that things could be better — I think everyone could say that with the way things — but I am happy what we have made of the situation.

On how AEW superstars have improved at performing in front of no fans:

I would say, for our young talent, it is actually helping them get better in the ring. The nerves aren’t there as much. If there is a sold-out crowd of six to ten thousand people, these younger wrestlers get scared and nervous, and naturally so. But in front of relatively no one, it feels like training, it feels like they are back at wrestling school. They have been able to try different things, new things, and get comfortable in the ring. So that has been the biggest positive in what is going on right now.

On why live TV is still something they consider new to them:

Nick and I never really had experience with running a live television show or being on a live television show. I mean, we had our run at Impact Wrestling about ten years ago and did a couple live television shows, but nothing like this. Nothing with this magnitude and with the entire world watching us. I think right out of the gate, when we did our first show and got it done, I felt so good. Once we got the first one in, now I was ready for it. And it is crazy that it has been a year, and now that we are in a different world.

On wanting AEW ice cream sandwiches:

I would love to have some type of AEW ice cream bar. I remember fondly in the summer when the ice cream man would come, and I would get the Good Humor Hulk Hogan ice cream bar. I don’t know how much of a possibility it would be, but I put the idea out there, at least.

On their merchandise and what they would never release:

Matt – “I don’t think we have ever said no to something. We say yes to everything, if it makes money, let’s do it. I am so open-minded with all of that. It really helps that my wife is in charge with all of that, so I can wake up in the middle of the night and elbow her and tell her, ‘Hey sweetie, I have this great idea for a t-shirt!’ And she will be so bothered by me.” Nick – “I think we would have to say no to something like cigarettes or alcohol. But we had shot glasses in [Ring Of Honor] at one point, and it didn’t even make sense.”

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