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David Arquette: Jungle Boy Is A Born Movie Star

Actor and former WCW World Champion David Arquette has a close relationship with Jungle Boy, also known as Jungle Jack Perry. Arquette was a longtime friend of Jack’s father Luke Perry, and he’s now seen Jack grow into a fine performer in promotions like AEW. Speaking with Jim Alexander of entertainment outlet Reel Talker, Arquette praises Jungle Boy for his talent and his endless potential in and out of the ring.

On his relationship with Luke Perry and what Luke thought about Jack wrestling

We were really close (with Luke), he lived in our house when he got cast on 90210. I asked Luke what it was like watching him (Jungleboy), is it exciting? No, it’s terrifying. He’s my son.

On his relationship with Jack “Jungle Boy” Perry:

Jack has got such a great head on his shoulders. He’s such a smart kind, incredible wrestler, he gets it. I’m there for him, his biggest fan. I just think the guy is going to be a movie star someday. The way he dealt with the death of his father was super admirable and just be able to watch him was really impressive.

On the current state of wrestling:

I think wrestling is the best when you find really great talent and allow them to shine. Show their strengths and have really interesting booking. There is tremendous talent out there if they allow them to be free. I love wrestling subculture and how people talk about it and analyze it. It’s a really interesting time in wrestling. I think AEW and WWE are soon going to have a true Monday Night war at some point. It was funny to see MJF and Jericho do a musical number. Not necessarily bad, it was a fun change of pace.

For the full interview, which also goes into Arquette’s time in the ring himself, be sure to check out the full conversation embedded below:

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