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Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Elite Roddy Piper vs. Mr. T 2-Pack In-Depth Review (Photos)

On the latest installment of Collector’s Corner we take a look at the brand-NEW Mattel WWE Elite Roddy Piper vs. Mr. T 2-Pack based on their boxing match at WrestleMania 2!

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Photo Credit: WWE

The Packaging

The packaging on this set mimics the WrestleMania 2 DVD clamshell package and even has a dated, aged look on top of it. The Mattel packaging team did an excellent job on this set as a whole, but the packaging truly makes it that much better. In the front you can see Piper and Mr. T going at it beside their entrance robes and swappable hands. The sides of the box feature images of both Mr. T and Piper followed by images and stats/history of the match on the back.

Mr. T

First up we have the iconic Mr. T in his boxing gear. He comes with his cloth, red entrance robe with the strap around his waist as well as “Mr. T’ in yellow on the back. The hood also can go over his head, which is great. He has the same head scan as his SDCC Exclusive that released earlier this year followed by new boxing glove hands and wrist gauntlets to give the gloves a realistic look. These are very detailed with the wrinkles, laces and other designs to make them look as authentic as possible. Not to mention his red/black shorts with the classic WWE logo on the front and “Mr. T” on the back, his tall red/white tube socks and his white boots. He also comes with regular swappable hands if you want to display him without the gloves on.

Overall, the Mr. T is great. Love the boxing gloves especially on both figures as these are a great accessory to have for not only these figures but any others you want to put gloves on. The detail on his shorts is pretty nice, too. My biggest gripe with him as well as Piper as you’ll see is that the paint apps are a bit sloppy, which has been a recurring them on a lot of my Mattel figures lately unfortunately. Paint on Mr. T’s socks are a bit sloppy as is some of the paint on his shorts and what not. Some of it can be fixed easily while others would need to be repainted. Besides the paint issue his robe is great as I’m a huge fan of cloth goods. To put it on him you need to remove the boxing glove hands as they’re too big to go through the sleeves in case anyone considered trying to put it on like that. Minus the paint flaws he is a pretty cool figure, especially if you missed his SDCC one earlier this year!

Roddy Piper

Next up we have Roddy Piper and he’s an awesome figure to say the least. We finally have an angry, yelling Piper scan with the True FX printing technology. I must say it looks awesome and will definitely come in handy to use on his other figures, too. We also haven’t even seen a boxing Piper since the Jakks WWE exclusive version forever ago. Piper comes with the same boxing glove hands and wrist gauntlets as Mr. T, which are great. He’s sporting his Scottish themed shorts, which are super detailed to say the least. They have “HOT” on one leg and “ROD” on the other followed by the classic WWE logo on the front and “PIPER” written on the back. Piper is also sporting his white/black tube socks and his white/black boots. He also comes with his cloth entrance robe that velcros in the front and says “Hot Rod” on the back. It also has a hood you can put over his head as you can see below. Not to mention he comes with swappable, non-gloved hands if you want to display him that way, too.

Overall, a great, highly detailed figure of Piper with an excellent head scan. I truly love the scan on this one and the detail in his shorts is fantastic to say the least. The cloth robe is really great, too as it makes the figure that much better. My main gripe as said before are the paint apps. If you look at the socks on mine they’re all messed up and I’ll probably need to have them repainted to look nice sadly. Besides that though it’s an excellent figure.


Overall, this is an excellent 2-pack by Mattel, from the packaging to the figures themselves. Both figures are really well done and feature new tooling, which makes them that much more appealing. They even have new knee joints that don’t have the pegs showing, which is interesting and could be a sign of upcoming Elite figures moving forward. Overall, if you want a Mr. T or simply loved this match, I highly recommend picking this set up. It’s really well done and such a unique 2-pack to say the very least. This is by far my favorite 2-pack of 2020 as Mattel went all out with it and made an excellent piece to add to the collection. These will not be sold in-stores so you will be best picking it up over on Ringside, especially in time for the holidays if you desire. Don’t pass on this set as you’ll regret it later!

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