Collector’s Corner: Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Storm Collectibles Jyushin Thunder Liger (Silver) In-Depth Review (Photos)

On the latest Collector’s Corner we take a look at the new Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Storm Collectibles Jyushin Thunder Liger figure! This one comes with a silver entrance attire compared to their previous one.

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The Packaging

Jyushin comes in similar packaging to that of his previous figure in that it’s a small, colorful box with images all over. The sides showcase his name while the back showcases several images of the figure posed. The front has a nice, large window so you can see him inside followed by all the swappable hands he comes with.

When you remove him from the box and plastic bubble you will notice a long piece of plastic separating his cloth cape from the body, hence preventing any color discoloration. This is an awesome attention to detail for collectors as it prevents any staining that may occur in transit with temperature change, etc. So don’t be alarmed if his head rolls off as it’s disconnected to show you how to remove this piece of plastic.

The Head

Jyushin has a very colorful and detailed red/blue head sculpt, which looks excellent I might add. You can see all the intricate detail in the stitching and even his hair with the mask showing through in the back. He has all the horns and perforated eye holes to give it a real authentic look and feel. To remove the entrance attire you will need to pop off the head, just be careful doing such as you don’t want to risk breaking the ball-jointed peg.

The Entrance Accessory & Hands

His entrance accessory, the chest plate and cape, are really well done. His chest plate has a lot of molded details on it as well as is covered in glitter, so be careful as that will rub off a little bit on your fingers. You can see the Japanese logos, horns and other awesome details molded and engraved on this while the back has his shimmery gold/green cloth cape. This accessory is really awesome and makes this figure that much nicer as the cloth and overall detail really makes it pop.

He also comes with multiple expressive hands that you can easily swap out. All you have to do is pull off each hand and slowly apply a different one. Just be careful and patient as the pegs are small. Having all the different hands though allows you to recreate his taunts and just different moves a lot more realistically.

The Body

The body of this figure is also super well done. It’s a rubbery-like material, so be careful with it. The detail on it is awesome from head to toe as well as they really captured the detail of his attire. He has a ball-jointed torso and waist, allowing you to really pose him well. Not to mention the butterfly shoulder joints that give him extra posing ability as well as ball-jointed arms and wrists and double-jointed elbows. He also has the horns sticking out of his arms on his wrists, which are a really cool addition to his outfit.

Looking at the waist down he has a molded belt, double-jointed knees, ball-jointed ankles and legs as well as toe joints, giving you even more crazy posing ability. His legs and boots are also super detailed, making his attire really look authentic to the real thing. He also has toe joints so you can pose his feet even better, too.


Overall, this is a great figure of Jyushin. The detail on it is really nice and the cape/chest accessory really make it that much better for display and/or play! The posing options on it are tremendous, very similar to that of the Mattel WWE Ultimate line, as you can really recreate a lot of great poses and moves with him. If you missed out on his first one I highly recommend this one. It is a bit similar to that one, but still different in its own unique way. It truly is a great figure though and I highly recommend it as his stuff seems to sell pretty quickly as well. Don’t miss out on it!

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