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Bill Eadie, aka Demolition’s Ax, Pulled From Signing Due To COVID-19 Symptoms

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Bill Eadie, aka Demolition’s Ax, is currently dealing with COVID-19 symptoms and had to pull out of a virtual signing event as a result.

TMart Productions’ Martin Damato posted the following message, announcing Eadie would not be making his scheduled appearance due to experiencing COVID-19 symptoms after his grandson had tested positive for the virus.

Some bad news to report.

Unfortunately Demolition signing will not take place this Saturday.

I just got a call from Bill and his oldest Grandson had contacted Covid last week and now Bill and his wife are feeling sick with symptoms.

Let’s all send our prayers to one of the nicest guys you can ever meet Bill Eadie and is family as they deal with Covid..

Bill said once he is better him and Barry will make the trip to join the marty party.

WrestleZone spoke with Eadie in November about his legacy in the wrestling business and Demolition’s place in wrestling history. When asked about his personal accolades in the wrestling business as Ax and the Masked Superstar, Eadie said he hopes people just remember that he was a hardworking, honest guy that took care of his opponents.

“I just want everybody to know that I was an honest guy. I never tried to cheat anybody or step on anybody’s toes. I let my performance in the ring and my interviews set the tone for my characters, whether it was Masked Superstar or Ax. When you talk to the guys,” Eadie explained, “ I think they realize and they’ve voiced to me quite often that I worked hard in the ring and I wasn’t trying to kill or squash anybody, I was trying to make money and provide for my family.”

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