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Photo Credit: WWE

Bill Eadie (aka Demolition Ax) Reportedly Dealing With Heart-Related Issues

Bill Eadie, better known as The Masked Superstar or Demolition Ax, is reportedly dealing with some health issues, according to PWInsider. The site posted yesterday that several squared circle alumni sent news along explaining that the wrestling legend is currently going through some health concerns regarding his heart. Eadie has been retired from in-ring competition since 2017, but has made the rounds at appearances and conventions when he has been able. Several sites and wrestlers have taken to social media to send Bill Eadie their regards.

“Please keep Bill Eadie/Masked Superstar/Ax in your prayers,” Tweeted Missy Hyatt. “Super classy guy.loved him as a fan as Masked Superstar in Georgia championship rasslin. Great worker, articulate promo. Didn’t always have to scream on his promos to get his point across.”

A legend himself, Eadie has grappled with countless stars of wrestling’s yesteryear, including major names like Andre The Giant and Wahoo McDaniel. To fans who grew up in the late 1980s and early 1990s, many will associate him with Demoltion, but Eadie sure made his hay in Georgia Championship Wrestling as The Masked Superstar. Eadie has been one of several wrestlers to test positive for COVID-19 and he did give an update after weathering the storm of the virus which you can read below. We here at WrestleZone want to send Bill Eadie all the prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

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