Photo Credit: WWE.com

An Emotional Edge Reflects On His Royal Rumble Reunion With Christian

Edge went the distance last night in the men’s Royal Rumble match. Post-match, he was understandably caught up with emotion after tossing his rival Randy Orton out as the final combatant for the right to headline WrestleMania 37.

“It means a lot. I assumed this was all done,” Edge said regarding his Rumble performance. “So if you told me four years ago that I’d be in the Royal Rumble going in first and winning it to go to WrestleMania, I still to feel like I need to pinch myself or I still feel like I’m gonna wake up.”

Something that made Edge’s performance all the more special was reuniting with his main “peep” Christian who was an unexpected surprise in the 30-man melee.

“It doesn’t make sense and for Jay to be in there, it just – if you wrote this as a script for Hollywood they’d say ‘It’s impossible. It can never happen, it’s not realistic,’ yet here we are. I don’t get it and I think I’m gonna stop trying to get it and just enjoy it and stop analyzing it and analyzing why and how and all of these things and just go ‘fuck it’ it’s happening and it’s awesome and I feel great and I have my best friend back with me again. You know? I’m very happy.”

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