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Collector’s Corner: Jazwares AEW Unrivaled Series 4 In-Depth Review (Photos)

Welcome to another installment of Collector’s Corner sponsored by Jazwares featuring Jazwares AEW Unrivaled Series 4! This set includes:

  • Santana
  • Ortiz
  • Kenny Omega
  • Sammy Guevara
  • Cody (plus 1/1000 Chase)
  • Matt Hardy (plus 1/500 Rare)

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If you are new to the AEW Unrivaled action figure line these figures include:

  • Exceptional detail
  • 25+ points of articulation
  • Collector-style Packaging
  • 1 Chase and 1 Rare Edition highly collectible action figure in every set

The Packaging

The packaging is the same as the previous waves with the gold and black color scheme with the AEW logos on the top and bottom. The side of the box has the wrestler’s name as well as what number they are in the set while the opposite side has a larger image of them and their name. The gold foil accents shine in the light, too, which is a really nice touch. On the back of the box showcases a large image of the wrestler followed by all whom are in the set. There is also a small photo of the wrestler and a number on the bottom right side of the box if you display them like books on a shelf.

The box opens relatively easy, but you have to cut the tape on the side. Another cool tidbit about this set is that each figure has a small letter on the bottom corner of their box, when put together like books on bookshelf they spell the word “Dynamite.” It’s a cool Easter egg Jazwares put on their figures.


First up we have Santana and his very first action figure, which is awesome. He actually posted a touching post on his social media about being able to share his action figure with his children, which is nothing short of amazing. Check that out if you can!

That being said, his figure looks excellent. He comes with a ton of accessories, including a swappable head, multiple hands, a slungshot (sock filled with rocks) and a cloth Puerto Rico flag. He is detailed from head to toe, from his bandana to the tattoos on his torso and arms. He even has a rubber overall-type accessory dangling over his waist, making his attire that much more authentically detailed.

Overall, it’s a great first figure of him. There is a little concern over the change of color from his upper torso to his abdomen, being the parts don’t match tone wise that well, but besides that the figure is really nice. His accessories really make the figure that much more special. I highly recommend picking them up to complete your Inner Circle figures.


Next up we have Ortiz and this may be one of my favorite figures in the wave. The detail on him is amazing as they truly went all out on him. He features two different heads, one with his huge afro and the other with his dreads and a bandana. He comes with several swappable hands as well as a chancleta accessory, which is hysterical. He is wearing a molded Inner Circle shirt as well as a rubber overall-like accessory over his waist with the Puerto Rico flag hanging out the side. He also features detailed tattoos and those feet shoes, which are super detailed and unique.

Overall, the detail on this figure is exceptional. I wish he had a cloth shirt instead of a molded one but the figure is still super nice to say the least. The different heads and overall accessories make this figure fantastic. I highly recommend picking this one up as Jazwares truly knocked it out of the park.


Cody is a nice update from his Series 1 figure as the skin tone has been updated drastically and he comes with a new smiling head sculpt as well, which looks great. Cody is sporting his Fyter Fest black/green/silver attire from when he faced Darby Allin. Cody also comes with a cloth t-shirt, a swappable head with a serious expression and his weight belt, which is removable. His attire and boots are very detailed and he also has his Dream tattoo on his chest. The 1/1000 Chase Cody, which I did not have for this review sadly, features his orange attire, which you can see in the gallery below.

Overall, Cody is a nice update we needed desperately after the skin-tone issue on Series 1. The new smiling head looks fantastic as the likeness is really good compared to that of the other head. The serious head is a proper repaint of his Series 1 head if you didn’t know. The cloth shirt is a great bonus as well, but I do recommend this figure as it’s a proper update to his last one.

Kenny Omega

Next we have Kenny Omega, which may be my favorite of the set. This figure was also due for a major upgrade from Series 1 as they corrected the skin tone as well as gave him a new yelling head sculpt. The highlights in his hair look much better this time around as well. He comes with a few swappable hands as well as his entrance vest that is made of a thin rubber. Be sure to remove it carefully so you don’t chance ripping it on accident. Kenny is sporting his super detailed gray attire, which is a personal favorite of mine being how detailed it truly is.

Overall, this Kenny figure is great. I wish he had a serious head sculpt with him, but I know we will get a lot more Kenny figures in the future. This one is a huge upgrade from his previous ones as they corrected his skin tone thankfully. The detail on him is just fantastic to say the least. I truly recommend picking this one up if you want a figure of Kenny in your collection.

Sammy Guevara

Now we’ll take a look at Sammy’s very first action figure. Sammy is sporting a tongue-out head sculpt in typical Sammy fashion. He comes with removable sunglasses that fit snug on his face, “Hit Me Up” cue card-like posters, as well as a rubber jacket. Sammy’s jacket is nicely detailed and it is removable. To remove it with ease I recommend popping his hands out first so the sleeves can roll off his arms a lot easier being the jacket fits a bit sung. Be patient removing it as it is rubber and could rip if you’re not careful. Once you remove the jacket you can see the logos on his trunks, followed by his wrist tape and his knee pads and kick pads.

A news update from Jazwares: Sammy will have a running change coming with different signs as he currently only comes with multiple saying “Hit Me Up” instead of multiple different phrases like it should be. Keep an eye out for that with future shipments of the set, most likely at retail.

Overall, this is a great first figure of Sammy. Next we need one with the Panda hat he’s worn to the ring. For a simple figure, they did a nice job and the accessories are a nice bonus. I wish we got a non-tongue head sculpt to swap out with him but hopefully we can get one in the future for him. Besides that the figure is decent, just be careful with the jacket. For his first figure I do recommend it.

Matt Hardy

Lastly we have Matt Hardy, which is probably another favorite of mine in the set. This, in my opinion, is Matt Hardy’s best action figure to date. The detail on him is simply wonderful, no pun intended. He comes with several swappable hands, a rubber, removable entrance robe that fastens well, and he comes with his drone and hologram. Matt features the red streak in his hair, which I also believe is his first figure with that look. The entrance robe is super detailed and fastens really nicely compared to previous figures of him. Once you remove it you can see the detail in his pants and boots and even his wrist/hand tape. The drone accessory is super cool, too, as the hologram is a 3D molded piece than just a flat image and it’s even articulated to move the head.

Matt also has a 1/500 figure in this set, which I did not have for this review, and it comes in an all-black attire, similar to that of a martial arts gi. You can also see that in the gallery below.

Overall, this is by far his best figure to date in my honest opinion. Jazwares really knocked it out of the park with the detail, hands and of course the accessories. I highly recommend picking up this figure of Matt as it’s fantastic.


Overall, this is probably my favorite AEW Unrivaled series to date. All the figures are really nice. Some have their pros and cons of course, as does any action figure set, but these are really nicely done and I truly do recommend you pick them up as soon as you can. Be sure to get your order in on Ringside or press your luck at Walmart and Target in the near future! Be sure to check out my video review above if you prefer that way to see the figures in that much more detail. Be sure to follow AEWUnrivaled on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates on the action figures!

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