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ROH Wrestling Results (4/26/21): Homicide Returns, Violence Unlimited vs. LFI

ROH Wrestling Results 

Aired April 26, 2021

Report by Colin Tessier for Wrestlezone.com

Quinn McKay welcomes viewers and previews the show.

Dak Draper vs. Eli Isom

In a pre-match promo, Draper compares himself to Isom; he says they’re both great athletes, and people love them. But Draper says the difference lies in their hunger to succeed; whereas Draper chases greatness, Isom is complacent. Draper says that’s why he’ll give Isom a participation ribbon tonight.

Meanwhile, Isom says Draper has the right look, but “The Mile High Magnum” doesn’t have the right to belittle people. Isom agrees that he’s happy to be in Ring of Honor, but he’s here to humble Draper.

The two men shake hands and feel each other out to begin the match. Draper tosses Isom across the ring and grounds him. “The Mile High Counter” continues to counter Isom’s attempts to gain some momentum. Draper counters a crossbody, but Isom takes him down with a crossbody. A stun gun lets Draper maintain the advantage.

Isom drops Draper with a hurricanrana, but the big man slams Isom onto the apron. Draper continues to overpower Isom, but the fan-favorite star rallies with a flurry of offense. A release Northern Lights suplex gives Isom control of the match.

Isom has Draper on the ropes, and a bridging German suplex earns him a two count. A Doctor Bomb earns Draper a two count of his own. “The Mile High Magnum” hits a back springboard elbow. Isom rolls Draper up for a two count, qne the competitors continue to go back and forth until the time limit expires.

Decision: Time Limit Draw 

Isom asks the official for five more minutes, and he agrees, but when the match restarts, Dalton Castle stands on the entrance ramp with several dancing men. He dances his way to the ringside area.

Castle gets a microphone and commends Isom and Draper for their growth. He says these two men can help him with a problem. Castle calls ROH “dull” and explains that this is a television show. He says he’s thinking about the viewer, and he wants to spice things up by adding drama to the show. Castle says he doesn’t like what he sees in Isom and kicks him below the belt. But he turns right around and does the same thing to Draper.

In a video message, Homicide says he’s a ghost, but he’s back. Standing with Violence Unlimited, he says they want to hurt people. Chris Dickinson says the past, the present and the future of ROH are with him. Deppen says he wants revenge on LFI. Brody King states the group plans to establish dominance.

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