Mustafa Ali On WWE Main Event Series With Ricochet: If You’re Missing Something On Monday, Friday Or NXT, We Got You

ricochet mustafa ali

Ricochet and Mustafa Ali‘s recent run on WWE Main Event is getting plenty of attention, and they’re certainly doing everything they can to make the most of it.

Ricochet and Ali were guests on The Bump this week to talk about their ongoing feud and how it’s been getting a lot of praise despite not being featured on television right now. The pair have had three matches on Main Event in consecutive weeks and posted promos on social media, and Ali said the show is something fans should check out if they feel like the other WWE shows are lacking something.

“I think we’re taking the most of this opportunity. There’s two things you can do—you can complain or you can create. We’re creating right now. People somehow want to dog the platform, like ‘Oh, they’re just on Main Event.’ If you enjoy this, two guys going out there and laying it out on the line, then watch this show. This show features Jeff Hardy, this show features The Miz, Jinder Mahal, all former WWE Champions, so at the end of the day,” Ali explained, “it’s a WWE production and that’s a canvas for us to go out there and paint whatever we want to do. If you’re a fan and this is what you’re missing on Monday nights, on Friday nights, if you feel like you’re not getting your fix on NXT, Ali vs. Ricochet on Main Event, we got you.”

Ricochet also talked about getting the support of other WWE stars, explaining that it speaks volumes that so many people are working to get more eyes on a product they believe in.

“It’s definitely cool. It helps not only get eyes on Main Event, not only get eyes on matches that some people wouldn’t see very often—you have Drew Gulak, [Akira] Tozawa, Humberto Carrillo and a lot of other guys going out there putting on some awesome matches on Main Event. The fact that the New Day, Kofi [Kingston], Randy [Orton], Bayley, all of these people are trying to get some eyes on that,” Ricochet said, “it really shows their character and everybody here trying to get eyes on something that everybody’s known for a long time in putting out hit after hit after hit.”

Ricochet added that it’s cool to see people having their backs, and Ali said it’s going beyond social media. He said seeing people clapping when they read the match listings backstage is a great feeling. He said someone that would remain nameless said Ricochet and Ali’s promos needed to be seen, and the ‘powers that be’ asked why this wasn’t on TV. Ali said maybe soon they will be, but was thankful that person in the locker room spoke up for them. 

Ali and Ricochet’s series of matches currently stands at a tie; their Main Event run saw each competitor win a match before the third match ended in a double countout. They previously met in singles competition four times last year, with Ricochet winning twice on Main Event, while Ali won two matches on RAW.

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