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Image Credit: WWE

Apollo Crews Says He ‘Blacked Out’ Before Aleister Black Attacked Big E

Apollo Crews should certainly be thanking Aleister Black after his interference on WWE Friday Night SmackDown, but the Intercontinental Champion says he can’t recall such an occurrence.

After weeks of vignettes, Black made his in-person return to WWE programming last night as he saved Apollo Crews from losing his Intercontinental strap against Big E. Crews was elated in interacting with Paul Heyman on WWE Talking Smack, who happened to be envious of Apollo as he admits to trying to be in contact with Aleister for months.

“I had ideas for Aleister Black. I had plans for Aleister Black. Ghosted me,” Heyman said before wanting Crews to cop up to having Black in his back pocket.

“There’s nothing to admit. What are you asking me?,” Crews asked Paul. “I can’t speak for the man, all I can speak for is myself and this (pointing to his IC belt), and you know what? If I’m honest, you had a great point. Very, very, very difficult match and I almost felt like I was in jeopardy at one point when Big E hit me with that Big Ending, you know what happened? I blacked out! When I came to, my music was playing and the referee was raising my hand and that is what I remember. And you know what else I remember? I have an appointment and I also have to feed my dog.”

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