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The IIconics Plan To Stick Together And Elevate Tag Team Wrestling: ‘We’re A Package Deal’

WWE shockingly broke up The IIconics months before the company released the popular duo.

Once Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay (formerly known as Peyton Royce and Billie Kay) are free to sign elsewhere, they plan to reunite and strengthen the tag team division wherever they land.

During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, Lee and McKay made it clear that they’ll be sticking together because they’re a “package deal.” McKay also emphasized that their goal to elevate tag team wrestling remains the same.

“We definitely want to stay together,” said Lee. “We want to move forward together because we’re most comfortable together, and we can play off each other so easily, like we don’t even have to talk about what we’re gonna do. We just go out there, and it just kind of comes naturally to us because we have so much history together. I think when it’s organic like that, it’s better than ‘Here’s your script’ so we definitely want to move forward together.”

“We definitely want to stay together, and I think we would love to work for any other company,” said McKay. “And we feel like we could help a tag team division at whatever company we choose to go with. We still love tag team wrestling. That was our goal all along, to really build tag team wrestling and women’s tag team wrestling up so we would love to do that for any company.”

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