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Miro Says He Wears The AEW TNT Title To Bed After Lana Congratulates Him On Winning It

In recent months, Lana has made it clear that WWE hasn’t allowed her to mention her husband Miro (former WWE Superstar Rusev) on social media after The Bulgarian Brute made the jump to All Elite Wrestling.

But after being released by WWE on Wednesday, all bets are off, and Lana took to Twitter yesterday afternoon to congratulate Miro on becoming the new AEW TNT Champion.

“I’d like to choose today, for no reason, to congratulate my husband @ToBeMiro on becoming AEW TNT Champion,” Lana tweeted.

You just knew that Miro would respond to this, and he did a couple of hours later in a way that only Miro can, once again, showcasing his sense of humor and amazing personality.

“I was going to say it was a little weird you never mention it. I wear the title to bed,” Miro joked in a quote reply tweet.

While Miro has commented on what Lana has been doing in WWE since he arrived in AEW, Lana couldn’t do the same. But with Lana released from her WWE contract, that is no longer the case.

Wrestling fans are already speculating that Lana will reunite with Miro this September in AEW, putting together once again one of the most popular acts that WWE has squandered in recent years. It’s unknown if Tony Khan is interested in bringing Lana into AEW, but you have to believe this is something Miro would try and pitch to Khan over the next couple of months.

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Do you enjoy seeing Miro and Lana interacting on social media once again? Will Lana land in All Elite Wrestling when her 90-day non-compete expires? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.