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Maria Kanellis Says She Was Told ‘WWE Evolution’ Would Never Happen Again

Women’s Talk Wrestling recently had Maria Kanellis on the show and they had plenty of things to discuss regarding the world of women’s pro wrestling.

Quite possibly the most interesting thing to come out of the conversation was when Maria Kanellis said someone told her during her WWE run that the all-women’s PPV Evolution would never happen again. Maria said “Mark Carrano said that it will never happen again. And I mean, now I’m sure because there is such a buzz about it, I’m sure they’re gonna try and find a way of doing it again. But as far as I knew, when I left the company, Evolution was never happening again. And I think the reason why they did it the first time was more of a PR stunt than it was a real action. A real statement about women in wrestling.”

Maria also talked about Ring of Honor, and the upcoming Women’s World Champion tournament. She said, “It’s about athleticism and it’s about sport at the end of the day. Ring of Honor will always be about sport. And so these women have to not only be great within the ring, but they also have to have something outside the ring as well. It’s a team environment and Ring of Honor, it’s always had a great backstage feel. So when we are crowning a Women’s Champion, we are crowning an entire team. Yes, there will be one champion. But that champ only gets there by defeating a lot of great women.”

She also talked about her dream opponents, headlined by Becky Lynch. Maria said “I think Becky embodies everything that women in wrestling want to be at this point. Like she’s just so she’s strong in her belief she’s strong and she never questions herself when she’s out there. Deonna has that quality to where they’re just they’re solid in the ring. It’s like they are they are one with the ring. And I love that. So just to had a match with her would have been incredible, Paige is another one. I know that one can’t happen, but like, she’s another one that like she just Alright, I’m pale. I’m doing it. You know, like, everyone else is wearing spray tan and she’s just like, I don’t think so.”

Check out the interview below. Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for providing the transcriptions.

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