Dulce Garcia, aka Sexy Star, Undergoes Emergency Surgery In Guatemala

Dulce Garcia, also known as the former Sexy Star in Lucha Libre AAA World Wide and Lucha underground, has reportedly been hospitalized and has undergone emergency surgery for appendicitis. 

The report from PWInsider notes that surgery took place last night in Guatemala, and is doing well now. Garcia was scheduled to partake in a match as part of the Robles Promotions show but was instead transported to a hospital due to severe abdominal pain. Garcia is said to be recovering now, and will remain in the hospital for a few weeks as she recovers before returning to Mexico. 

Garcia is known for the character Sexy Star in the world of Lucha Libre AAA World Wide, although she is no longer playing that role. Instead, AAA recently revived the Sexy Star idea, with Hija de Gatubela portraying the character. 

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