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Chris Sabin Showed ‘No Surrender’ Against Samoa Joe, Looks Back On Title Win Over Bully Ray

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Chris Sabin, who will face off with Moose at Slammiversary on July 17. No stranger to facing opponents larger than him, Sabin picked a match against Samoa Joe at No Surrender 2005 as one that highlights just how good he is at adapting and overcoming a size disadvantage.

“Moose is a lot larger than me, I’m considered the smaller side as far as wrestlers go. But Moose is a big guy, so it’s gonna be a big guy, little guy dynamic. And I had a match with Samoa Joe, I think it was No Surrender 2005, and Joe was a lot bigger than me at that time. And you know, I think that that displays what I can do against a bigger guy really well. Sure, that was in 2005, that was over 15 years ago, but at the same time,” Sabin noted, “I’m still that same person. And it just shows what I’m capable of against a big guy.”

One other match that gets mentioned often in Sabin’s career is his TNA World Heavyweight Championship win over Bully Ray at Destination X in 2013. The match took place as a result of Sabin cashing in “Option C” and he agreed that it was another good example of what he brings to the table and what it could mean for Moose at Slammiversary.

“Absolutely. Bully Ray was obviously way bigger than I am, he was way bigger than Moose,” Sabin said. “And I was able to beat him for the TNA World Heavyweight Title, so I am capable of taking down big guys.”

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