Diamond Mine in NXT
Image Credit: WWE

Roderick Strong Names Bronson Rechsteiner As Potential Diamond Mine Recruit

With Roderick Strong at the helm, Diamond Mine has the potential to become the most prominent stable on WWE NXT. But after the latest wave of releases ended the WWE career of Diamond Mine member Tyler Rust, the group could use some reinforcements.

In an interview with Planeta Wrestling, Strong named Rick Steiner’s son, Bronson Rechsteiner as a potential recruit among a number of talented prospect he has an eye on.

“I think the general idea with Diamond Mine is to make it a team and to have as many members as possible,” said Strong. “Starting with people with no wrestling experience and a ton of professional wrestling experience, but bringing their background from a martial arts or something of that matter to add to the team influence, and just the way we work and we grind.

“I mean there’s a lot of potential people that we’re looking at. There’s the Creed brothers who are in developmental, who just started I think within the last eight months, who are very talented, you know, amateur wrestling background. There’s Rick Steiner’s son, just talent who hasn’t necessarily been seen…. There’s a lot of possibilities.”

Strong emphasized his goal to give back to the business by working with young talents and shining the spotlight on them while he edcuates these hungry stars at the same time, and adding someone like Rechsteiner to Diamond Mine could be a fitting way to do so.

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In the meantime, Strong is focused on his mission to prove himself as a top player in NXT, and that starts with winning the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. Strong will have the chance to win the gold when he challenges the reigning champion, Kushida on Tuesday. In the interview, Strong explained how Kushida was a fitting target for his goal tp valdiate himself on the black-and-gold brand.

“Everybody knows how skilled Kushida is, and that’s part of the reason why he was my first target when I came back,” said Strong. “[It’s] the fact that this go-around in NXT is a lot about proving to myself and showing the world that I haven’t lost a step and that I am the number one guy. And I’m the most counted on talent in NXT history.”

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