Photo Credit: WWE

Heroes Hideout Exclusive Limited Wrestle Dudez Demolition Action Figures (Photos)

If you missed the latest announcement from Heroes Hideout, they have a new line of wrestling figures called Wrestle Dudez!

The first set includes Demolition Ax and Smash, which are limited to only 2,000 pieces!

Photo Credit: WWE

Wrestle Dudez Series 1: Ax and Smash from Demolition

Learn More About Wrestle Dudez

We chatted with the owner of Heroes Hideout, Steve, who is behind this new set that you can currently pre-order here!

Just search Wrestle Dudez if you have trouble finding them for some reason.

What can we expect with the future of Wrestle Dudez?

A line of vinyl figures geared to the wrestling collector. We are going to produce figures of legends that the larger company can’t or won’t make.

What inspired you to make this line?

I have always wanted to make my own toy line. I figured this would be a great opportunity to produce figures for the legends that won’t be getting a vinyl figure anytime soon.

How often will these be available?

We are aiming to produce 5 to 10 figures a year.

Will there be variants? Chases?

Absolutely. We are going to make this a fun line to collect. Chases, add ons, virtual meet and greets with the talent. And maybe even breakfast with the legends of Wrestle Dudez.

Where do you see this line headed?

I would love to see Wrestle Dudez for sale in small shops all over the country. This line is truly for the collectors and legends that are in the line.

How do you choose what talent to make?

I’m working with the talents that I have worked with before. The talents that I like and treat people well. No one wants to work with a talent that is miserable haha.


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