Mandy Rose NXT
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Mandy Rose Loses NXT In-Ring Return Via Count Out To Sarray, Kyle O’Reilly Defeats Duke Hudson

Mandy Rose Loses NXT In-Ring Return Via Count Out To Sarray

If there was any notion that Mandy Rose wasn’t a heel in NXT, tonight proved otherwise.

After more than a month of in which she has appeared on NXT programming, Rose made her return to the ring by competing in singles competition against Sarray. Rose had Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne in her corner, and Rose taunted the relative newcomer  throughout her offensive attack. Sarray persevered, and at one point, she even had a Muta Lock on Rose before the former WWE RAW star played dirty with a thumb to the eye.

Sarray stayed on top by nailing a dropkick to send Rose to the outside. This blow motivated Donlin and Jayne to throw a towel over Rose’s face and escort her away from the ring. The ref ultimately counted to ten and it secured Sarray the countout win.

Later in the show, Jayne and Dolin attacked Sarray backstage, prompting the fan-favorite to tweet that the feud just began.

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Kyle O’Reilly Defeats Duke Hudson

Kyle O’Reilly showed his diverse set of skills against the much larger Duke Hudson this week, and this versatility ultimately paid off for him.

In the early stages, “KOR”was quick to lock in his heel hook, but Hudson focused on KOR’s injured ribs and punctuated the pain by targeting them throughout the bout. Anytime O’Reilly got a semblance of offense, Hudson blasted him in the ribs. O’Reilly nearly got Hudson to fade with a front guillotine, but the big man powered out and slammed O’Reillydown. As the match wore on, Hudson began to favor his knee, and KOR took advantage with two rope-assisted dragon screw takedowns. He then dropped a knee off the top and cinched in a leg lock for the submission win.