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The Usos Hold Onto SmackDown Tag Titles Against Street Profits With Help From Roman Reigns

The WWE SmackDown Tag Team Titles are staying with The Bloodline, thanks to some timely assistance from Roman Reigns. The Usos put their blue belts on the line against The Street Profits this week on WWE Friday Night Smackdown, and the brothers managed to hold onto their titles because Reigns attacked Montez Ford to cause a disqualification. The full results by WrestleZone’s own Lovell Porter are below:

Ford hits a dropkick as soon as the bell rings. Jey knocks Ford out of the ring. Jimmy sorta hits a suicide dive. That was a nasty landing for Ford and Jimmy. After the break, Jimmy catches Dawkins with an uppercut. Jimmy and Jey take turns working over Dawkins. Dawkins manages to tag in Ford, who hits flattens both Usos with a dive. Reigns and Heyman walk down to ringside. After the break, Ford is a house of fire, landing strike after strike. Ford’s shoe flys off but Ford continues flying all over the place.

Dawkins and Ford hit a Doomsday Blockbuster. Jimmy kicks out. Dawkins leapfrog over Jey and gets superkicked out of the air by Jimmy. The Usos land two superkicks and an Usos splash to Dawkins. Dawkins kicks out. Ford gets a blind tag and surprises Jey with a frog splash. As Ford is pinning Jey, Reigns hits the ring and puts Ford in a Guillotine. The referee calls for the bell. The Usos have been disqualified.

Winners- The Street Profits

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