Tony Khan
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Tony Khan Says Most Of AEW Roster Is Vaccinated, But It’s Not Mandatory

AEW’s Tony Khan sat down with Bloomberg Business of Sports recently where he got to talking about COVID-19 and superstars being vaccinated.

Khan said “Most of the roster has gotten vaccinated and we have encouraged people to do so. I haven’t made it mandatory, but I’ve also strongly encouraged and put in protocols to encourage everyone to do so because it’s much easier for the vaccinated folks to get through the day and interact outside of the ring. They just have to go through less rigorous procedures and testing. We’ve definitely encouraged everyone to do it. Most of our people are.”

Tony was asked if he created any incentive to encourage the vaccine. He said “We have created a great backstage environment where people want to spend time together. We’ve also put in thorough testing protocols. Not being a part of the most rigorous levels of testing and also having the ability to go out and do what you want and live your life like we did before without these protocols makes it much more savory and encouraging for the vaccinated.”

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