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Sean Waltman Looks Back On Underrated WWF/WCW Matches, ‘Unorthodox’ Tag Title Match With Edge & Christian

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Sean Waltman, who was asked for some matches that don’t get talked about enough. Waltman’s early work with Razor Ramon and Bret Hart is often mentioned the most, but some of his WCW matches and work as “X-Pac” in his second WWF run deserve equal attention.

“The Action Zone tag match, Razor [Ramon and] 123 Kid versus Diesel [and] Shawn Michaels. It was like the first or second Action Zone. [*The match aired on the second episode of WWF Action Zone on Sunday, October 30, 1994] It was one of the legit great tag matches of that era, and not a lot of people have seen it. It was released on some obscure Coliseum Home Video or something, and it never really saw the light of day too much,” he noted, “but you can find it out there now.

“Other matches like my match with Dean Malenko from SuperBrawl at the Cow Palace. Eddie Guerrero comes down gets involved in the finish. Anyways we opened the show, and the crowd was hot. And I had a nice kind of real, authentic feeling to the thing with Dean because his dad trained me,” Waltman said, “and I was talking to a lot of sh-t about ‘your dad loved me more than he loved you.’ You know, that kind of thing, pushing buttons. It worked, and I loved it.

“And there’s [another WWF] tag match, so I’m giving you a few different things here. It was Backlash [2000]. It ended up being Road Dogg and I opening the show up with Edge and Christian. It was great. I just highly recommend it. The way we laid the tag match out was a little bit unorthodox, but it was really good. People always talk about my match with Owen [Hart] from King of the Ring [1994], like a four-minute match. Well, a couple of months later,” he explained, “I had a match on RAW with him that came from Lowell, Massachusetts [on August 15, 1994]. Great little building, I just love that building, but we had like a 15-minute match on RAW. It was great, and I highly recommend that one as well.”

Check out Sean Waltman’s work from RAW, SmackDown and WWF pay-per-views on Peacock; you can also check out some other free-to-watch full-length matches below:

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