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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

CM Punk Calls Daniel Garcia ‘Light-Years Beyond His Age’

Many professional wrestling fans know just how good Daniel Garcia is.

Count AEW star CM Punk as one of those people.

CM Punk recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated ahead of his match against the aforementioned Garcia on the October 8 edition of AEW Rampage. In the interview, “The Second City Saint” touted Garcia as being ‘light years ahead of his age’ and previewed his upcoming matchup against the 23-year-old.

“Daniel Garcia is light-years beyond his age,” said Punk. “He’s just shy of half my age, and I can only compare him to when I was that young. He’s in a better spot than when I was that age. Everything builds off a great foundation, and he’s very fundamentally sound. He’s trained by Pepper Parks [The Blade], who is an excellent f*****g wrestler. He’s respectful, he listens, and he’s not corny and doesn’t kiss a–. He’s everything I possibly want in a wrestler on a television show.”

Punk went on to praise Garcia for his massive upcoming weekend of bouts in addition to their clash on Rampage. The rising star faced Alex Shelley this past Thursday night at Beyond Wrestling as well as his match this Friday (10/8) against Japanese wrestling legend Minoru Suzuki at West Coast Pro Wrestling’s “No Leaf Clover: event.

“Daniel Garcia, myself, Alex Shelley and Minoru Suzuki, those are four names you could place in four different generations of professional wrestling,” said Punk. “Minoru Suzuki, and then me, and I was in Ring of Honor when Alex Shelley was the next generation. His f—— stable was Generation Next for Christ’s sake. He was like the next guy. And now that’s Daniel Garcia. It’s crazy.”

As Punk noted, Garcia is on a remarkable run, as he continues to shine throughout the professional wrestling industry. He continues to rack up exciting matches; h-Garcia will face Davey Richards on October 10 at an Empire State Wrestling show, and he’s also set to face Christopher Daniels at DEFY Wrestling’s “Hell Bent” event on October 14.

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