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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Ace Austin And Gia Miller’s Home Destroyed By Fire, GoFundMe Launched To Support Them

A GoFundMe supporting Ace Austin and Gia Miller of IMPACT Wrestling has been launched in the wake of a tragic fire that destroyed the couple’s home.

Miller and Austin announced the destruction of their home on Monday, and thankfully everyone in the house, including their baby girl, safely escaped.

A GoFundMe is now open for those who wish to help the duo. Donations can be made here.

The following message, which describes the situation Austin and Miller face, is on the page:

At approximately 9:30 am on the morning of October 18, I (Georgia Lee, or some of you know me as Gia) was awoken by the distinct smell of smoke and a terrifying realization: our second-story apartment was on fire. Not only that, the fire had originated on the front porch, nearly trapping us inside. We went running through the flames, where we were met with a community of people rushing to our sides to get us to safety. Mere seconds from being trapped, Austin (Ace) and I escaped our home that was now engulfed in flames and smoke. All of our belongings, including our sweet cat Selina that had hidden out of fear, were trapped inside.

By some miracle, our baby girl was found alive and well buried under our ceiling and roof that had collapsed on top of her, shielding her from the flames and smoke. We are physically okay. Our little family is reunited. As for our home, it is gone. Something we worked so hard to build over the last year and a half, gone in minutes. We do not know what was able to be saved if anything.

Now, we have to rebuild. Like a phoenix, from these ashes we will rise. Any help, even the smallest amount, is appreciated.

Austin is a former X-Division Champion with IMPACT, and he remains featured on the company’s programming. Miller works for IMPACT as a backstage interviewer; she’s also one of the hosts of Before The IMPACT.

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