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ROH Wrestling Results (10/25/21): Jay Lethal vs. Homicide Headlines ‘Violence vs. Pure’ Show

This week on ROH Wrestling, The Foundation battled Violence Unlimited in several clashes between the stables.

ROH Wrestling Results 

Originally aired October 22, 2021

Report by Colin Tessier for Wrestlezone.com

Backstage, Vincent, wearing a white suit and a crown, asks his Righteous stablemates if “he’s gonna love it” and thinks “he” will.

Quinn McKay welcomes viewers and previews the show.

Rhett Titus vs. Tony Deppen

In a pre-match promo, Deppen vows that he’ll accomplish a lot more in his ROH career than Titus can even dream of. Meanwhile, Titus says he sees a lot of similarities between himself and Deppen, but at the end of the day, “The Professional” will take him to work.

Titus grounds Deppen right away as the two men exchange technical holds. Using his “pure” wrestling skills, Titus controls the first few minutes. Deppen briefly targets Titus’ legs, but “The Professional” regains the upper hand. The two men trade counters, and Titus suplexes Deppen twice. Deppen hits Titus with a knee drop. He bites Titus’ hand and grounds him with an abdominal stretch.

Homicide comes to ringside to cheer Deppen on as he continues to control the bout. Titus blocks a senton. He rallies and hits a leg-breaker before he suplexes Deppen. Homicide’s presence distracts Titus, and Deppen capitalizes by drilling his opponent with a kick to the head. Deppen dives onto Titus outside the ring and hits a diving stomp for a two count.

Titus rallies again with a suplex and two running boots in the corner. Homicide distracts Titus, and Deppen hits him with a chair when the referee isn’t looking. Deppen blasts Titus with a running knee and pins him for the win.

Winner: Tony Deppen

Backstage, The Foundation is nowhere to be found, and Titus is upset they didn’t help him when Homicide interfered. Meanwhile, in an interview, Deppen says everyone in Violence Unlimited is cut from the same cloth; they’re tired of following so many rules. He states that “violence will always prevail.”

A brief video package hypes up the “Championship Edition” of ROH Wrestling, which will air in two weeks. Bandido will defend the ROH World Championship against Alex Zayne, and Josh Woods will put the ROH Pure Championship on the line against LSG.

Violence Unlimited (Chris Dickinson and Brody King) (with Homicide) vs. The Foundation (Jonathan Gresham and Tracy Williams) (with Jay Lethal)

In a pre-match promo, King says “pure” wrestling is extinct. Dickinson says Violence Unlimited has the best of pure wrestling and violence; they have it all. On the other hand, Williams says this war has gone on for too long, and Gresham says pure wrestlers will prevail.

The Foundation quickly gains the upper hand by attacking their opponents from behind. King and Williams fight on the outside while Dickinson and Gresham are left in the ring. King tags in and chops Gresham. Dickinson and King double-team the former ROH Pure Champion and keep him grounded. King overpowers Gresham, and Violence Unlimited continues to isolate him.

Eventually, Gresham rallies, and Williams makes the hot tag. He clotheslines Dickinson and suplexes him off the top rope. Gresham and Williams double-team Dickinson and take control. Williams stomps on Dickinson’s ankles and traps him in an ankle lock. Gresham provokes King by hitting him while he’s on the apron.

Dickinson rocks Gresham with a knee to the face. King tags in and double-teams Gresham with Dickinson. Gresham wrenches King’s knee and locks in a sleeper hold to wear him down. Williams tags in and trades blows with King. Dickinson drops him with a kick to the head. In the end, Dickinson and Williams trade submission attempts, and “Hot Sauce” passes out in a modified sleeper hold.

WinnersViolence Unlimited (Chris Dickinson and Brody King) (with Homicide)

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