RJ City LeVar Burton

LeVar Burton Accepts RJ City’s PBS Championship Pledge Drive Challenge

LeVar Burton versus RJ City? It looks like we have another intriguing matchup pitting two television stars against each other in the squared circle, and it’s all because of viewers like you.

On Wednesday, RJ City posted a simple call-to-action, asking fans to buy wrestlers’ merchandise. After noted belt collector (and Bojangles Champion JZ Graham) said RJ City should start selling replica PBS Title replicas, one fan said he imagined “a record-breaking pledge drive” that culminates with City facing LeVar Burton, host of the Reading Rainbow series that aired on the free-to-air television network.

As it turns out, Burton responded with “I’m in”, confirming he’s up to the challenge at hand.

“So am I. Start training, Mr. Burton,” City replied.

We’ll have to wait and see when this highly-anticipated matchup finally goes down, but it’s great to see that the forbidden door continues to provide exciting matchups that captivate the professional wrestling audience.

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(If you do want some merch, RJ City’s PBS-themed shirt is available on Pro Wrestling Tees. You can also donate to your local PBS station at this link.)