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Bo Dallas (Taylor Rotunda) Explains Why He Loves Conspiracy Theories, Shares One Of His Favorites

Bo Dallas explains why he fell in love with learning about conspiracy theories.

Bo Dallas (now going by his real name, Taylor Rotunda) took part in a fun Q&A on his personal YouTube channel to give fans a chance to learn more about him outside of the wrestling ring. During the video, Rotunda answered several questions about his passion for cooking and shared that his “Death Row meal” would be a Porterhouse steak, cooked to perfection. Towards the end of the video, Rotunda was asked about his love for conspiracy theories and where it all started.

Over the years, Rotunda has talked about some of the topics (including the Illuminati and reptile people living underground) on shows like WWE Ride Along and Talk Is Jericho. Now, Rotunda explained where his fascination with conspiracy theories came from, and it all started with Bigfoot, aka Sasquatch.

“I feel like conspiracies and my love for them has grown exponentially since I’ve been younger, but it started with me wanting to think outside of the box and what everybody sees as the norm, what everybody believes to be true and my belief that there isn’t all there is, I believed and saw that [perspective] from a very young age and it’s only grown since. The more I learn, the more I find out, the more my mind’s blown. To my point, it’s not correct, reality is stranger than fiction, to me, it really is. All that I’ve found in my life, is reality is stranger than fiction and that’s where my love stems from for conspiracies,” he explained. “And just to go off of this point, I like conspiracy theories when I was young, but I wasn’t as fully involved and realized how big it was.

“My first conspiracy theory that I really loved was Bigfoot, a Sasquatch. I thought, ‘Man, what if that was living somewhere, what if that was out there?’ Friends and whoever is around you [say] ‘Oh, we would’ve found it or seen it already by now’ but I grew up with that, that and the Loch Ness Monster. It was cool, and when I was a junior or senior in high school, I came to school and at lunch, everybody was freaking out like, ‘They found Sasquatch! They found Sasquatch!’ ‘No way!’ I think I left school at that point to figure out what happened to Sasquatch, so it boiled down to someone had said they’d shot Sasquatch and they had him, but they showed a picture online and it was this unidentifiable animal in a cooler. [And people think] ‘Oh, it could be Sasquatch, you’d think it’d be bigger than that, but it could be!’ And then it came out right after that, a week later or maybe less, that it was not Sasquatch and it was a hoax. And I never looked at that picture again, not once.

“Years have passed and not that I have dove back into the Sasquatch theory, but that’s how easy it is to turn society’s mind on a specific thing. Everybody was like ‘oh Sasquatch was found!’ and it took just one person, the news company or station to put out that it wasn’t real, and I never thought about it again only because they said it was a hoax. What if it wasn’t a hoax? Not that I’m saying that that is not a hoax, but it was never looked into again and that’s how easy it is to discredit things, and that grew on me later on in life that something can be just disqualified or discredited so simply. That blows my mind that people just accept what they’re being told is the truth when it needs to be looked into a lot more. Not specifically that, maybe it does [need to be looked into], maybe they did have a Sasquatch and we’re never going to know about it because someone said it was just a dead hog in a cooler, but who’s really looking into it?”

Bo Dallas was released by WWE on April 15, 2021. Prior to the company confirming his release, F4WOnline’s Dave Meltzer reported Rotunda was preparing for a life outside of wrestling, and had started pursuing other outside interests including a family real estate business and running his farm.

Recently, Major League Wrestling’s Court Bauer was asked about possibly bringing in Taylor’s brother, Windham (Bray Wyatt) during a media call. Bauer said that he actually did speak with Taylor about coming in, but said it didn’t pan out and noted that his focus was on running his farm.

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