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Tracy Williams On Pure Rules Tag Team Bouts: It Adds An Extra Level Of Danger To Matches

Tracy Williams felt something special the first time he teamed up with Rhett Titus.

Ring of Honor‘s Tracy Williams recently sat down with Love Wrestling to discuss various subjects. When his tag team with Rhett Titus was brought up. Williams thinks there is definitely something unique to their tag team:

“Yeah, I think it’s kind of cool. I find it very interesting because we definitely do have something,” Tracy Williams said. “But – I’m trying to remember as I speak – I think that that pure tag team match on Final Battle, that was Rhett and [I’s] first time teaming together as a tag team. We instantly felt that we had something, and we were talking about it. I think part of that is that we both had pretty long careers at this point, and we’ve been tag team wrestlers for so much of that career, where I think now we’re at a point where we are we can just get plugged in with anybody who’s good and it’ll fit.

“Which, is really nice to know that all those years of tag team wrestling, you know, Rhett’s a former Ring of Honor tag team champion before we were. I was a former Evolve tag team champion, AIW tag team champion. I’ve done a lot of tag wrestling, and it’s nice that has now gotten to a point [that] where in our first match teaming together I think we looked like somewhat of a tag team. So it’s nice, and now we’re trying to build on that even more. It’s like if you can start there, then there’s no way to go but up, really, so it’s great.”

When asked what it felt like to take part in Ring of Honor’s first-ever Pure Rules Tag Team match, Williams says he loves doing stuff like that and that there is still so much to do in wrestling that hasn’t been done yet.

“I love stuff like that, because I think that there’s still so much to be done in wrestling as far as experimenting with different match types and rule sets and that sort of thing,” Tracy Williams said. “It’s easy to settle into a pattern of wrestling and fall into the same kind of tropes over and over again. But, when you’re forced to work within a different set of rules and work within a different structure, it opens your brain up a little bit and gets the ideas flowing.

“So the Pure tag match was definitely like that, and I’ve done a couple of them since where you can’t rely on the same tactics that you’ve always relied on in tag matches like breaking up pins and stuff. It’s just not an option to just throw out there all the time. You need to be careful with the decisions you make on the apron, and not putting your team at risk. I think it just adds an extra level of danger to the match and some nice things to think about without getting too complicated, I think. Yeah, I think that’s great.”

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Do you enjoy the tag team of Tracy Williams and Rhett Titus? Would you like to see them continue to team together in 2022? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.