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Bret Hart Gives Austin Theory Advice Before Survivor Series

Will Austin Theory be more prepared for Survivor Series on Sunday, thanks to Bret Hart?

Both Austin Theory and two-time WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart were guests on this morning’s episode of The Bump to discuss a variety of subjects. When Theory asked The Hitman for some advice heading into his first Survivor Series pay-per-view, Hart had a lot to say:

“Just stay focused,” Bret Hart began. “And just prepare yourself to give 100% and then just think out everything you think you want to do. And you know, I found it was always good to have one sort of move that you’ve never done before—every time you have a big match pull out one of those moves. You don’t have to do all your moves all the time like in every match. Sometimes you leave a little gem. Like, I get this one little move that I never do, but it’s a good move. Sometimes it’s good just to always have one for every pay per view.

“It’s like, you know what, I got this one idea. I want to put in that I haven’t done either in a long time, or I saw this one somewhere else, and I’m going to try for the first time. I used to come up with ideas for things to do with my matches, and I would just kind of put them in my back pocket and keep them for that rainy day when I suddenly have this match with one like someone like Steve Austin. I’m going to pull this idea out now, and let’s do this move and it when I look back on one of now these years later watching my matches back. It’s like, I’ll see a one move kind of thing where it’s like geez, I don’t ever do that move, but jumping off the top rope on Steve Austin. You know, just sometimes it’s good to just do something you’ve never tried before and experiment.”

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Do you like Bret Hart’s advice for Austin Theory? Is this something more wrestlers should do nowadays? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.