WWE RAW Alpha Academy
Image Credit: WWE

Otis Helps Chad Gable Beat Riddle In Scooter Race

The second event of the Alpha Academy’s Academic Challenge took place tonight, and saw Otis and Chad Gable come together to win a scooter race against RK-Bro. 

After faltering in the spelling bee challenge, Alpha Academy looked to do much better against their opponents. The race itself was 50 laps long, and Chad Gable — who appeared in a skin-tight racing suit — looked ready to win it as the two superstars came down the ramp and towards the finish line near the commentary team. However, Gable took a spill coming down towards the ring, falling down and clutching his knee. Riddle was left all alone, and began lazily scooting towards the finish line.

However, chaos kicked off then, as Otis came out of nowhere to lay out Riddle just a few feet away from the finish line. This gave Gable enough time to get up and scoot his way over the finish line, securing a win for the Alpha Academy. Now, the duo of Gable and Otis will get to pick the final event of the Academic Challenge, which will likely take place next week. 

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