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Josh Shernoff Details New Role With FITE, Looks To Break New Ground With Content For Fans

josh shernoff
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Josh Shernoff says fans can expect big things from FITE this year.

FITE recently announced Josh Shernoff was promoted to Director Of Programming. The FITE in Focus and So Says Shernoff host recently spoke with WrestleZone about his history working for FITE and what he’s looking to accomplish in his new role. Shernoff says FITE will continue to focus on bringing the best content to fans, and he’s also looking to see what else they can add to an already diverse lineup.

“I’m continuing to do everything on-air and everybody for better or worse will continue to see my face on FITE. [laughs] I still have So Says Shernoff on FITE every month but what I’m doing now is Director of Programming and working directly under Mike Weber, who’s the COO of FITE and he’s done just incredible work with that company. Right now, one of the things I’m focused on are some big events that are coming up, I’m working out schedules and budget and things like that,” Shernoff explained, “but then the really exciting stuff as Director of Programming, is I’m looking for more programming and more weekly shows, whether it’s a video podcast, a wrestling program, a boxing program or MMA.

“So, for me, what [I saw] during this pandemic, so many people became content creators, people who maybe didn’t think that they could do it before. So many of us learned through Zoom and other means that we can conduct interviews with anybody all over the world and we can create these shows. So many people have had these ideas and maybe they just have it on YouTube, which is where I started with So Says Shernoff, so now we get to almost kind of pay it forward in that regard and go ok, what’s on YouTube that maybe has a great little following there but could be so much more if they had a bigger platform. I get to bring that to FITE.”

Shernoff says he’s excited to have the ability to influence what fans see on FITE, teasing that there’s a lot in the works in the coming months. While he couldn’t divulge everything yet, he did note that FITE will have a huge on-site presence in Dallas for WrestleCon this year.

“In my new role, what I’m looking forward to most is being able to leave my fingerprint on FITE. I’ve got different ideas for different types of shows and I’ve seen this other content out there that I’m a fan of. I want to bring that to FITE, so I’m excited about that, having that opportunity to look at something and go, ‘Man, that would really be good for FITE’ and then I actually have the job to go and bring that [show] in.

“I would say stay tuned to FITE social media, go on and see what’s popping up. Subscribe to that; it’s free,” Shernoff noted. “That’s the best way to see what’s coming up. I don’t know how much I can say, but I will say that we’ll have a big, big presence WrestleMania weekend at WrestleCon. We will be physically there and we will have so many incredible live shows going on that weekend, so that is something I’m excited for, and I think wrestling fans, in general, are going to be very, very excited for because there’s some really, really good shows that are going to be coming to [WrestleCon].

“In general, there’s always stuff in the works that you can’t talk about when it’s still super early, but we’ve got ideas for things that we’ve never done before as a brand. So stick with FITE and you’re going to be excited to see what comes next.”

Check out our full video interview with Josh Shernoff at the top of this post. One of the shows that will be coming to WrestleCon is Trouble In Paradise hosted by Zicky Dice, who recently spoke with WrestleZone about the success of his first streaming wrestling show. Read more about how he’s building a new home for pro wrestling with the “Outlandish Paradise” brand at this link.

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