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Chad Gable Wants You To Stop Booing Education, Asks Why People Don’t Like Learning Things

The Alpha Academy’s Chad Gable is tired of hearing the WWE Universe sullying the good name of education and they want you to stop.

Former RAW Tag Team Champions, The Alpha Academy, were guests on WWE’s The Bump to discuss a wide variety of subjects. While discussing the evolution of Chad Gable’s character, Gable said he believes that people are seeing the real him now, and he’s happy that it’s connecting with the WWE Universe.

“You’re getting the real deal now, and I think that’s what’s connecting. People know that, and I like that,” Chad Gable said. “I like the fact that they connect with the ‘Thank yew’ the ‘Shoosh’ and in a way that they don’t necessarily like me, but they do enjoy playing along. And that’s always a fun thing to do.”

When asked about the WWE Universe booing education, Gable admits that it’s gross and wonders what is wrong with the people who do it.

“Isn’t that disgusting? I mean, it’s really gross,” Chad Gable said. “I have kids at home. They watch the show; they see people boo. Anyone out there booing education, what is wrong with you? Do you not go to school? Do you not like to learn things? Otis likes to learn. That’s the first thing he did once we brought him on board; he committed to learning, okay? He is the tree trunk. He’s got a brain to match his size, his girth, his wit, and he’s become the intelligent version of Otis that you’re all seeing now.”

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What do you make of Chad Gable’s comments? Will you stop booing education when you attend a WWE Live Event? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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