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Tony Khan Has Dabbled In Full Mustachery Before, Invites RJ City To AEW Double Or Nothing

Tony Khan has tried sporting a mustache before, but he is quite content rocking some two-day stubble.

RJ City hosted Hey! (EW) with Tony Khan as his guest, and the wrestling raconteur asked Khan if he would ever aspire to grow a great mustache like the one his father, Shad, currently has.

“No. Actually, I’ve done it, I’ve dabbled in full mustachery, it’s definitely his thing. This time I think I want to leave it to him,” Tony said.

“This is two-day action,” said Khan, replying to City’s question about how often he shaved. “I think it’s a good length.”

City continued peppering Khan with hard-hitting questions and asked about his “casually aggressive” dress code, asking the AEW owner if his look was the anti-suit.

“It’s a combination of different things. Like first of all, when the occasion calls for it, say an NFL owners meeting is a good example, those events due call for the collar and tie,” Khan proclaimed. “Or a big announcement even, I’ll wear the collar on Dynamite.”

Towards the end of the interview, Khan said he enjoyed having City on AEW socials and invited him to return for Double Or Nothing weekend in Las Vegas.

Check out the full interview below:

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Khan previously revealed during his AEW Revolution media call that City was on-hand creating content for AEW; check out more highlights from that call at this link.

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