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Windham Rotunda Comments On Hidden ‘Bray Wyatt / SHIEND’ Storyline In WWE 2K22

The former Bray Wyatt, Windham Rotunda, has commented on a scrapped storyline for The Fiend in WWE 2K22.

Over the last week, modders have uncovered storylines deep within the code of WWE 2K22 that reveal storylines that were scrapped from WWE’s latest video game outing that came out earlier this month.

One of the biggest reveals centered around Bray Wyatt’s character “The Fiend.” The storyline would see Wyatt taking Dana Brooke and creating “The Shiend” character to go to war with Alexa Bliss.

Some members of the WWE Universe didn’t realize the difference between a canceled storyline from a video game and the actual WWE product, which caused rumors to swirl that this was actually scheduled for weekly WWE programming before Bray Wyatt’s release back in August.

But Rotunda has tried to squash these rumors before they spiral out of control, replying to someone on social media to inform them that this storyline was strictly for the video game, tweeting out:

“Not true. That was the angle for the video game,” Windham Rotunda tweeted.

So that pretty much should put an end to those rumors. Unfortunately, we’ll never get to play this storyline, but it’s neat to look into what might have been.

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What do you think of the canceled WWE 2K22 storyline for Bray Wyatt? Are you disappointed that it was removed from the game? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.