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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Daniel Garcia: I’m A Legit Wrestler, And I Also Fit The Mold Of A Sports Entertainer Perfectly

Daniel Garcia is typically seen as a genuine wrestler, but since he associated with Chris Jericho and the rest of the Jericho Appreciation Society, he has focused on being a sports entertainer.

This shift might be surprising to fans of “Red Death”, given his background on the independent wrestling scene. But as he recently explained, while he’s already a superb in-ring competitor, he wants to master the art of sports entertainment.

Speaking with WhatCulture Wrestling, Garcia discussed the difference between the two realms of the industry. He explained that he fits the mold of a sports entertainer, and he’s confident that Jericho will help him thrive as one.

“There’s a big difference between pro wrestlers and sports entertainers, and I just think I fit the mold of sports entertainer perfectly,” said Garcia. “I am charismatic, I think I’m pretty handsome. I’m a good-looking guy, I think I fit the role of a sports entertainer perfectly. I feel like I’m one of the only sports entertainers on the AEW roster. And same thing with Chris Jericho. I think he’s really taken me under his wing, and he’s teaching me how to really excel as sports entertainer because that’s where you make money. That’s where you become rich, that’s where you become one of the greatest of all time. And Chris Jericho’s gonna teach me how to do that.”

“Red Death” went on to describe how wrestling and sports entertainment aren’t mutually exclusive, as one can enjoy greatness in both fields. He cited Eddie Guerrero as an example and called him the blueprint of someone that’s both an exemplary wrestler and sports entertainer.

“You can be a legit wrestler and still be a sports entertainer,” said Garcia. “Any style can be sports entertaining. I’m trying to think of an example. Eddie Guerrero, incredible in-ring wrestler, great sports entertainer. And I feel like that is the mold, that is the blueprint of what a great professional wrestler is, and a great sports entertainer.”

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