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Photo Credit: WCW

Marc Raimondi Announces He’s Writing A Book About The nWo’s Influence On Pop Culture

The New World Order is one of the most legendary stables in the history of professional wrestling, the group will be spotlighted in a new book.

The nWo was famously founded by Hulk Hogan, who stunned the wrestling world when he turned heel and aligned with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in 1996. The group led WCW to new heights, as the company beat the WWE (then the WWF) in head-to-head television ratings for 83 consecutive weeks. But the nWo’s reach extended beyond professional wrestling, as it also became quite popular in the mainstream. During the faction’s peak, it helped make wrestling cool again, even among those who didn’t watch the product itself.

ESPN journalist Marc Raimondi has announced that he has agreed with Simon & Schuster on a book deal; the book, titled “For Life: The Inside Story of Pro-Wrestling’s New World Order, and How it Changed America”, will examine the nWo’s impact on American pop culture.

“I also want to thank my team at ESPN for supporting me with regards to this incredible opportunity and everyone else who has helped me so far and will in the future,” Raimondi wrote in a tweet. “This is surreal for me as a lifelong pro wrestling fan and 16-year professional journalist.

The stable was officially inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021 after they had been confirmed as members of the 2020 class.

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