Baron Black
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Baron Black Promises Repercussions For Lil Scrappy After Being Rock Bottomed At Battle Slam

Battle Slam Fight For ATL
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Baron Black is not going to let Lil Scrappy get away with dropping him with a Rock Bottom at his own show.

At Battle Slam Fight For ATL on June 12, Baron Black not only lost his match to Zenshi, but he was embarrassed by Georgia’s own Lil Scrappy, who was swift to deliver a Rock Bottom to Baron after Black tried to interrupt his performance.

Ever the professional, Scrappy was able to deliver the move and continue on with his performance without even missing a beat.

Now, Baron Black says it’s not over between him and Scrappy, telling Fightful’s Stephen Jensen that there will be repercussions for what Scrappy did.

“This man came on my show, decided to…first of all, respect to Zenshi, he caught me slipping a little bit. I’m not going to lie, I’m in a little bit of a rut right now, but we’re going to work through it. To have the audacity to perform while I’m still in there gathering my thoughts in the ring, that was very disrespectful. I took the damn mic out of his hand and then he had the audacity to put his hands on me and perform a rock bottom. I don’t know who taught him that shit, but I’m the master of the ring. I’m the fucking technician, I’m the head technician in charge, the submission advocate. He’s gonna have to learn that the hard way. I will get my paws on him,” he said. “Ya’ll will hear more about that in the coming days. There will be consequences and repercussions for his actions. You’re just not going to do it on my damn show.”

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